What is the quintessence of life

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what is the quintessence of life

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Quotes (3 quotes)

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Published 09.10.2019

Quintessence of Life

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is All About the “Quintessence of Life”

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Jul What is the quintessence of life? As a result, we tend to focus more on these perennially problematic things instead of the looking at the bigger picture, hindering us from exploring the beautifully intricate world we live in. We are all fear mongering creatures, crippled by uncertainties that may never happen and not even affect us at all. Despite our poor condition as temporary mortals in this world, we must always keep in mind that we exist in this universe to see our world unfold on its own beyond our imagination, to be risky enough to find our own adventure to keep us sane from the struggles we face in life, to see beyond barriers that others find to be a simple dead end, to draw things you love close to empower you to do the best of what you can with your abilities, and to find your true purpose in this life to be able to feel alive with zeal and vigor.

What is the quintessence of life—that magical elixir from which all life arose and which fills it with jubilation? What is the highest, most noble element that is pervasive throughout the heavenly realms? I believe that love is the fundamental component of all planes of existence. Love is an uncreated spiritual quality that is a healing, nurturing, fulfilling, and guiding force. It is the primordial element from which we arose and to which we shall return. Divine love comes from without from God and the holy spirits that serve Him and it comes from within from the divinity of our spirit-selves.

As the magazine transitions into an online platform, Walter must begin working on the final issue. He's just a regular guy caught up in a crazy adventure. Finally, after all of his journeys, Walter comes home without the picture. However, as luck would have it, he stumbles upon the negative in his wallet. It had been with him all along. He runs to develop it so that he can behold the quintessence of life.

The word quintessence is originated form Latin, which means Quinta Essentia ( Fifth Essence). Hence Quintessence of Life means the fifth.
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Theme : The Quintessence of Life. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a movie about life. On all three levels the film asks one question: What is the quintessence of life? The answer it gives to each is profound. At its crux, it is a cinematic exploration on the essence of life. The Loss of Life. In the opening scenes of the movie the audience is introduced to the main character, Walter Mitty.

Walter Mitty Ben Stiller has been escaping into daydreams for all of his life in order to cope with his daily routine. That is the purpose of life. Even though the film of the same title was a comedy, and the short story also of the same title by James Thurber had more comedy, Ben Stiller who starred and directed went with more of a dramatic route, focusing a good portion of the movie on the purpose of life, not on the daydreams themselves. There are two versions of Walter Mitty in this movie, each of them personifying the difference between lifestyle and living. I know that sounds weird and confusing, but bear with me here. As the movie goes on, however, we start to see brighter colors. The office where Walter works continuously gets emptier as workers are laid off, and Walter, himself, is constantly being berated by his slick-suited manager.

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