What is l ron hubbard worth

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what is l ron hubbard worth

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought by L. Ron Hubbard

I found myself in a youth hostel last night with nothing much to do for an hour or two except to skim the selection of books on the take a book/leave a book shelf in one of the hostels common areas. What better time to wander into the dark weirdness of Scientology?

So, in short: Each page has about 5-10 footnotes, consisting entirely of definitions to words you already know, like physics and foundation and chemistry (no joke, I remember those all from page 2). However, there are usually not definitions to the words Hubbard made up, like havingness. I dont care that I can figure out what havingness means; I would like it acknowledged as a made-up word. Especially since the books introduction is entirely about looking up words you dont understand so as to better appreciate the text. Listen, stupid dead L Ron Hubbard -- if Im the kind of person for whom chemistry must be defined, what do I do when I hit havingness, which isnt in any dictionary not written by aliens who live in volcanoes? Help a brother out, dog.

So, the rest of the book is pretty much the same as what you can learn from reading about Scientology on the googles. Basically existence is called a game, and auditors are Scientologists who have magical powers to help preclears, which are folks who, like, need Scientology in their lives to get rid of the alien ghosts in their bodies. (Except for the alien ghosts part, all that is pretty much verbatim.)

Scientology is also based on the idea that we are always in a state of either create, create-create-create, (and yes, create-create-create is an actual term that gets used repeatedly) or counter-create. Since this makes no fucking sense, there is also a page-long explanation of how when you hurt your leg, youve actually created a bad leg, and you create-create-create the bad leg until you counter-create it, at which point it is destroyed, revealing the good leg that was still there the whole time. Or something. Seriously, the book doesnt make any more sense than that paraphrasing just did.

Theres also a lot of charts for all this stuff, giving you lists of all the emotions you have at various states of your existence and crap. Its supposed to be this scientific approach to psychology through technology, except that theres not really any science to it -- mostly just references to the two or three random books on actual psychology that Hubbard probably skimmed before deciding he could just make everything up. Its sort of like if a D&D nerd decided that stats tables and dice rolls could be applied to actual people. Im sorry sir, but your Chaotic Neutral character alignment makes you unfit to be a preclear. Have a verdant cloak instead.

Anyway, I thought this book would make me depressed and mush my brain with brainwashyness, but instead it just made me sad that people have been stupid enough to fall for this crap for decades now. Which is obviously just what you can say about any religion ever, but at least the Bible is an interesting read. This is just moronic and loony, like listening to a burnt-out hippie try to explain the establishment to you.

Oh, also? An entire section on how brown people and yellow people talk to the earth, and are stable but not progressive, while white people are full of anxious energy that causes them to need to save the world.

Heres the direct quote.

Do you think Tom Cruise told Will Smith that part?

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L. Ron Hubbard ?? - An Introduction to Scientology ?? (1966)

Scientology: how L Ron Hubbard's heir became his fiercest critic

In , Hubbard lost the rights to Dianetics in bankruptcy proceedings, and he subsequently founded Scientology. Thereafter Hubbard oversaw the growth of the Church of Scientology into a worldwide organization. After his father was posted to the U. In , Hubbard enrolled at George Washington University to study civil engineering but dropped out in his second year. He began his career as a prolific writer of pulp fiction stories and married Margaret "Polly" Grubb , who shared his interest in aviation. Hubbard was an officer in the Navy during World War II, where he briefly commanded two ships but was removed from command both times.

Ron Hubbard, and a couple of canards thrown around by the church itself. The truth: Blood brotherhood was not a practice of the Blackfoot. The lie: Hubbard slept with bandits in Mongolia , and traveled to India and Tibet. The truth: Hubbard never traveled to those countries. Hubbard was not even remotely qualified to do any serious electrical engineering.

By Sam Rowe. Yet one group stood out for the young Baptist and, more specifically, one name. Dianetics, a theory of the mind which had been discredited by the scientific community, was subsequently transformed into something based around faith, not fact. Cars with full petrol tanks sit in the garage with keys in the ignition. The British Muslim is truly one among us and proud to be so. The church denies all such allegations.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was an American author of science fiction and fantasy stories, and .. arrive in these parts with Betty-Sarah, broke, working the poor- wounded-veteran racket for all its worth, and looking for another easy mark. Don't .
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There can be no purpose worth... L. Ron Hubbard Quotes

Ron Hubbard net worth: L. He was a writer who authored science fiction and fantasy stories before publishing Dianetics in which he called a "branch of self-help psychology". He developed those ideas into the new religion called Scientology. He stablished organizations to promote Dianetics but lost the rights in bankruptcy in Hubbard spent a lot of time at sea before returning to the U. He had a total of seven children with three wives and one of his sons as being a mentally-unstable chronic liar.

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