Guess what i m saying

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guess what i m saying

Quote by Stephen Chbosky: I guess what Im saying is that this all feels ...

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Guess summer got the best of me (Woo) Chef B with the recipe, yeah. With you, it's a better me [Chorus] I guess what I'm sayin', I guess what.

Guess what i'm saying! (British Slang)

Rules: No Fellow Brits, that wouldn't be fair now would it? No using google. British is too broad! You need to go deeper, get regional! I'm in the Midlands, and it's amazing how much the dialect can change in the space of 10 miles. I'm Australian.

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Top definition. The universally socially awkward word that ruins every single sentence you add it to. Guy: Hey Jimmy! What's up? Jimmy the autist : I'm pretty good , I guess.

Many of us spent our childhood playing the game Telephone where we would whisper a word or phrase to the next person and if there were more people, it would get whispered along the circle. We all remember spending hours on that game but are you ready for taking it up a notch? The whisper challenge is a step up from Telephone and results in a much more enjoyable time. The game is taking up social media by storm; if you search about the whisper challenge, you would find that even celebrities like John Cena, Blake Shelton, Brie Larson, Rebel Wilson, Kristen Stewart and more are participating in it. The question is how is the game played exactly?

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