What it takes to be me

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what it takes to be me

What It Takes to Pull Me Through: Why Teenagers Get in Trouble and How Four of Them Got Out by David L. Marcus

Some people like mysteries. Others like the rush they get from horror novels, the kind for which Stephen King is famous. Me? I cant remember the last time I picked up a novel from either of these genres. Why? Because I get my kicks from worrying myself sick about the nightmarish hell certain to unfold as my sons hit adolescence.

I expected to love this book.

I did love this book for many reasons, most of which I expected. The two reasons I liked it most, however, I didnt expect:

1.) After reading this book I feel like I better understand why teenagers get in trouble, as promised by the subtitle.
2.) Because of that, I feel like I better understand what I can do as a parent to HELP ensure that my kids will not fall off the deep end during their high school years and beyond.

I was fully wrapped up in the stories of the teens portrayed in this book. I was impressed by the way the author took himself out of the story despite being immersed in it. I loved learning the details of these kids lives. I loved that the author managed to present the facts without drawing conclusions. I was happy to read this story from the perspective of a parent and a journalist rather than from a professional in the therapeutic boarding school industry. I loved being a fly on the wall at the Swift River school and in the homes of the teens who attended.

I highly recommend this book. Warning: Because the stories in the book are true, its very hard to stop thinking about these kids. Even the long epilogue wasnt long enough to satisfy my curiosity about how they are doing today.
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William Clark Green - What it Takes to be Me

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David L. Marcus

What it takes to be... A divorce lawyer in Singapore

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