Al capone tunnels moose jaw

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al capone tunnels moose jaw

Tunnels of Time: A Moose Jaw Adventure by Mary Harelkin Bishop

Designated an Our Choice title by the Canadian Childrens Book Centre.
Thirteen-year-old Andrea Talbot doesnt want to go to Moose Jaw for her cousin Vanessas wedding. Shes going to miss a really cool bike trip and shes not taking it very well.
At a family dinner party in a local restaurant, Andrea agrees to look at what she thinks is just a phony tourist attraction: the tunnels beneath the streets of Moose Jaw. Legend has it that in Prohibition days the tunnels sheltered crooks, maybe even the notorious Al Capone! Andrea scoffs, until she has a small accident at the tunnel entrance and wakes up in another time.
Unable to return to the present, Andrea is caught up in a dangerous underground adventure. A teenage boy, Vance, finds her a job: working as a courier for the very criminals whose existence she dismissed - including their menacing leader, a man she knows only as Scarface. When she overhears information about a police raid, Andrea has to decide what to do. Should she help Scarface escape? Or should she help Vance, running for his life after a run-in with Scarface? And whatever she decides, will Andrea ever get back to the present?
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Tunnels of Moosejaw

We have no proof to physically link Al Capone to Moose Jaw but we have been told stories by several people which would place him here in the late 's.
Mary Harelkin Bishop

Moose Jaw tunnels reveal dark tales of Canada's past

First were Chinese immigrants. Some of them were indentured servants, some were railroad workers, other opened laundromats and restaurants to cater to the population of mostly single, male miners. In order to avoid the head count tax, many of them went underground—literally. They operated their businesses and even in some cases lived in the abandoned tunnels beneath Moose Jaw, where they could escape the racial persecution of Yellow Peril. When Prohibition hit in the s, the tunnels had a new purpose.

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The Moose Jaw Tunnels

The early history of the tunnels is quite sad. They lived and worked in this underground world, providing cheap labour in laundry and sewing burlap bags for farmers. They were paid as little 35 cents an hour, and slept three to a bunk bed, with the cost of their accommodation being deducted from those meger earnings. Up until it became illegal in , one of their few forms of relief was opium. You can see today a reconstruction of their living quarters, including opium den. Then along came prohibition. Canada stopped it long before the U.

What does the word "tunnels" represent? The term tunnels refers to passageways and corridors which interconnect basements, storage rooms, and hidden chambers. Have these tunnels existed for many years? These passageways and others like them would have been built around the time these businesses were constructed which was in the late s and early s. What were the original tunnels used for?

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  1. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is a year-round tourist attraction that entertains guests Relive Al Capone's bootlegging days in the Chicago Connection tour and.

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