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OneRepublic - Counting Stars Lyrics HD

Counting Stars (OneRepublic) | Sounds Like | Hung Up (Madonna)

Sometimes the path to our dreams seems like an impossible journey, one that takes forever to travel, and has a million and one obstacles standing in our way. What's worse than feeling like your dreams are unreachable? Maybe, getting lost or sidetracked along the journey, be it your heart or feet that get sidetracked. As some rumors may suggest, OneRepublic could have intended "Counting stars" to describe a couple struggling desperately to survive or to stay financially afloat. However, it's more probable that "Counting stars" describes an addicts struggle with drug abuse, failing to quit his usage of such substances for his loved one, and chasing his loved one away, as a result of his failure. However, the loss of sleep described by OneRepublic in this song, infers that all those promises are not being kept or fulfilled; either bad thoughts about failing to provide or failing to stop abusing drugs for his significant other are keeping this character awake at night. Keeping these suggested themes in mind, the lyrics of "Counting stars" suggest an underlying theme of disappointment, failure, and even regret.

It was released as the album's third single on June 14,
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