Worst jobs in history list

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worst jobs in history list

The Worst Childrens Jobs in History by Tony Robinson

The Worst Childrens Jobs in History takes you back to the days when being a kid was no excuse for getting out of hard labor. This book tells the stories of all the children whose work fed the nation, kept trains running, and put clothes on everyone’s backs over the last few hundred years of Britain’s history. From a jigger-turner to a turnip-picker, from an orderly boy to a matchbox maker, this book will tell you things you probably didn’t want to know about the back-breaking realities of being a child in the past.
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Worst Jobs in History: The Royals (Royalty History Documentary) - Timeline

The Worst Jobs in History

You'll never complain about working nine to five again Deposits of the substance built up in the jawbone, leading first to unbearable toothache and then to abscesses and extreme disfigurement of the jawbone as it rotted away and produced a putrid discharge. With the expansion of medical schools in Victorian times, medical students needed a supply of cadavers on which to learn. Cue the body snatchers — also called resurrectionists. These men would dig up freshly buried the fresher the better bodies and sell them to medical schools. So common was body snatching that relatives often felt the need to watch over graves in the days after the burial. However, not all body snatchers preyed on the recently deceased — in , two men named Burke and Hare began murdering people in order to supply fresh corpses to doctors….

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Worst Jobs in History —. A group of archaeologists have 3 days to discover historical artifacts in different sites around Britain.

Look, everyone hates their job. Everyone hates their boss. Everyone hates how it crushes their dreams, and destroys what little creativity they ever had. But things could be worse. How much worse?

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Vomit collector. Many individuals would throw up in special receptacles or simply on the floor to avoid interrupting the bacchanal. Of course, this required the services of a vomit collector who would clean it all up. Leech collector. In the Middle Ages, medicine could barely be described as primitive, and methods such as bleeding were common practice for a multitude of medical ailments.

The first season is also shown with some regularity on History International. Tony Robinson tries his hand at each of the jobs, ultimately nominating which one he thought was the worst in each program. This was broadcast in and concentrated on a different historical period per program: Roman and Anglo-Saxon ; Medieval ; Tudor ; Stuarts ; Georgian , and Victorian. Some of the more repulsive or dangerous jobs included fuller , chimney sweep , executioner , leech collector , Plague burier, rat-catcher , leather tanner , gong farmer , and sin-eater. This series concentrated on particular job settings: urban , royal , industrial , maritime and rural.


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