Madoka magica the movie 3

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madoka magica the movie 3

Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion, Vol. 3 by Magica Quartet

Well...that happened. Everyone is happy in Homura’s new altered world...except poor Homura herself. Lol and Kyubey and the other Incubators but I couldn’t care less about those little greedy nasty creeps. Dark Homura can just torture them all she likes for all I care, good for her. Kyubey totally deserves to have to take on allllll the despair and curses he and his little fuzzball aliens were giving to the magical girls.

Now the real question...did Homura really turn evil? I think not. I think she sees herself as a horrible thing (hence giving Madoka the ribbons back at the end??) and she’s a little “off” mentally (who wouldn’t be, the girl should be insane at this point), but I don’t think Homura has done anything downright villainous. She has done some WRONG things but that doesn’t make her evil. It seems to me she is just playing the villain part because she thinks she’s supposed a “well if everyone else thinks I am then fine, I’m a monster evil thing”...but she has really hurt no one except herself with any of her actual actions. Homura’s problem is that she trusts no one’s judgment but her own, she is EXCEEDINGLY stubborn, and really, she is realistically selfish. She’ll do anything for Madoka, but by the same token, she will do anything to get to be with her one and only friend. Yet by the end of Rebellion she thinks she doesn’t deserve Madoka’s friendship and so she gives those ribbons back. I like to think they have a happy ending eventually because I love these characters and I want them all to be happy. They all are in the end...except Homura. So maybe just maybe she is able to find happiness off screen/off pages after Rebellion...

I think it’s obvious by now I still like Homura after the events of Rebellion. Sure she makes very big mistakes and her flaws end up ruining things for her, but I think that’s exactly what makes her my favorite character in the Madoka Magica storyverse.

Also? I guess this makes me a bad person too, because Homura finally FINALLY getting revenge on that Kyubey was very very satisfying. Ahem. Sweet selfless Madoka would have NEVER done that to the Incubators but selfish relatable Homura did.?? I was like, “Yes!! FINALLY!!! About time...”

All right I am done fangirling now. 5 stars. Obviously.:)

P.S. ...did anyone else notice Homura has tears in her eyes on the cover of this volume? Good grief.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie - Rebellion - Soundtrack

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Magica Quartet

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The movie premiered in Japan on October 26th, It is minutes long. However, Homura realizes something is amiss and after some investigation recovers her lost memories and realizes that she, Madoka, the other girls and several of their friends are trapped in an alternate world inside a witch's barrier. As Homura realizes that the witch is none other than herself, Kyubey appears and reveals that she had fallen into despair and when she was about to become a witch, he isolated her Soul Gem to set a trap for Madoka, hoping to take control of the confounding Law of Cycles. However, when Madoka appeared to retrieve Homura, she had forgotten about her duty as the Law of Cycles and her powers, thus Kyubey kept observing her until that point. Having recovered her memories, Homura forces herself to complete the witch transformation at the cost of having her soul destroyed, to protect Madoka from the Incubators.

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A girl becomes a magical girl in exchange for her wish. The magical girls have a fate to fight against the witches, the harbingers of destruction that plant the seeds of despair, and in the end, they will succumb to despair and transform into witches themselves The terrible cycle that had repeated so many times was finally ended by Madoka Kaname 's sacrifice, and the world was led into a new order. However, the magical girls' battle must continue. The reason for this is because it is the compensation for the miracle.

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