Gravity is not responsible for falling in love

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gravity is not responsible for falling in love

Marianne Williamson Quotes (Author of A Return to Love)

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Published 30.04.2019

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~Albert

On gravitation and love by Albert Einstein

In the above statement, Albert Einstein tries to say that when one falls down like after slipping on a banana skin its due to gravity, but one cannot blame gravity when they fall in love. The great philosopher emphasized more on the literal meaning of the word FALL The whole existence is joined together only by one single thread: you can call that thread love and nothing else. The world is a garland of millions of flowers, but running through all those flowers is a thread that keeps it together: that thread is love. It may have many manifestations.

Gravitation is not Responsible for People Falling in Love. Recently one of our readers wrote us an email asking what the title of this post means. Obviously our reader felt a little perplexed and so he came to us wanting to know exactly what it meant.
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Fed up by having to smile all day, Einstein demonstrated one of the keys to resilience, having a sense of humor. So why in the world would we consult with him one of the greatest minds ever to discover lessons for love? After all, he married his cousin. While recently browsing through his repertoire of thoughts and writing, we wondered… had he applied his own philosophy and his creative thinking to his relationships, would he have had more success? He has thousands of wonderful quotes, so narrowing them down was challenging. The following eight quotes by Albert Einstein are taken out of context, and explored in the context of finding love and keeping it.

In the book Albert Einstein, the Human Side , this quote is given as the English translation of the comment in German that he jotted down on a letter. The correspondent was clearly unschooled in physics, with an understanding so muddled, he thought the world moves so fast that it seems to be stationary. At this point, the letter asked if being upside down, standing on their heads, was when people would fall in love and do other foolish things. Einstein probably never answered this letter as far as is known , but he did scribble in the margin his thoughts on the matter:. Today in Science History - Quickie Quiz.

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