How to become a mentalist or mind reader

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how to become a mentalist or mind reader

Mind Reader: Unlocking the Secrets and Powers of a Mentalist by Lior Suchard

Do you believe someone can read your mind? Lior Suchard can. He can delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before you do. His outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainer and mentalist. Suchard was born in Tel Aviv, the youngest of three sons. At seven years old, he first realized he had an extraordinary mental power. His two older brothers served as guinea pigs as he explored his abilities, and hed ask them to think of numbers or have hide small objects in their hands and have him guess in which hand. In high school, a math teacher, aware of what Suchard could do, made a deal with him, giving him five minutes at the end of every class to demonstrate what he could do. Lior would ask him to think of a formula, which he would write down in his notebook. Then the teacher would write it on the board and it would be the same. Suchard graduated from high school and completed the mandatory three years in the Israeli army, where they made good use of his skills. Suchard gained worldwide recognition after winning the international competition show The Successor to officially take over for celebrated mystifier Uri Geller. Now 27, Suchard is a world renowned supernatural entertainer and mentalist with an extraordinary talent for mind reading, thought influencing and telekinesis. He takes you on an incredible journey through the wonders of the human brain.
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5 Mentalism Tricks You Should Know

Do you want to learn mind reading mentalism and be a mentalist? Here's a well researched and well written complete guide on How to become.
Lior Suchard

How to Become a Mentalist Is it Possible?

Welcome to the Mind of a Mind Reader blog! This is where you can find my thoughts about mentalism, performing, science, psychology, personal thoughts, or anything else I just happen to find interesting. RSS Feed. When most people see or hear about what I do, there's a batch of inevitable questions that I expect to encounter from curious audience members. They have different variations, but they're all usually based in one of the following: "How did you do that?! If I did, not only would I be an absolutely terrible mentalist, but I can guarantee you'd be utterly disappointed. I'm just as scared of women and rejection as the next guy.

You may wonder what a mentalist is and how to become one. Many refer to mentalism as an activity incorporated by supernatural powers, however, how to become a mentalist is more about developing exceptional decoding and observational aptitude. Before we get to the actual means on how to become a mentalist, I would like to mention few points on what to do in your day-to-day life when you are going to work, sitting in the train or having a party at your place. Being a mentalist is more than just to know few tricks. It is a lifestyle.

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A mentalist is an individual who appears to have supernatural powers in divining the truth about an individual as well as many facts about that person's life. A mentalist must be great at decoding, possess observational skills, and have a highly developed ability to observe minute detail. Many people, from criminal profiles to magicians, all use mentalist tactics and a working knowledge of psychology to interpret human behavior. Mentalists can not only get attention, but they can also entertain literally anybody on this planet. Want to get your Simon Baker on? Here's how. To be a mentalist, start by reading books on topics like interviewing people, interpreting facial movements, and manipulating minds.

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