in real life cory doctorow Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role-playing game where she spends most of her free time. Its a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. Its a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends. But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer--a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn.

life after life review guardian Mandy awoke in darkness. For a moment she didnt remember that Angel was gone, that she would not be coming back, and then the pain hit her like a physical blow.For the first time in her eleven years, Mandy is alone. Through a series of miscommunications, her entire family has left her by herself in their big house on Lake Michigan. But its the absence of her twin sister, Angel, that she feels the most. One year ago Angel died, and Mandys life has been at a standstill ever since.

my life change 24 7 This books gives you 24 lessons to change your life. Instead of reading it all the way, I decided to read each chapter(hour) and work on it and when I felt like I had improved on the subject matter of the chapter then I would get back to the book and read another chapter/hour. I have spent months on this book, reading, working, rereading. Some lessons are easier than others example a transformed thought life life was easier for me than up with enthusiasm because I was already on a journey to curb the thought monkey in my head(see mindfulness).

a life decoded my genome my life The triumphant true story of the man who achieved one of the greatest feats of our era—the mapping of the human genome Growing up in California, Craig Venter didn’t appear to have much of a future. An unremarkable student, he nearly flunked out of high school. After being drafted into the army, he enlisted in the navy and went to Vietnam, where the life and death struggles he encountered as a medic piqued his interest in science and medicine.

lowest form of human life Richard My family is divided, some say we were gifted by the gypsies to prosper and know our soul mate, others feel we were cursed. The divide in the family may have a little to do with the gypsies forgetting to mention that when we Silverman find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen. I also thought it was a gift and was filled with jealously when my cousin Stephan found his other half though he believed it to be a cures.