I am not meant for this world

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i am not meant for this world

Quote by Candy Darling: I was not meant for this world. I dont know. A...

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Published 25.02.2019

I am not for this world.

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I Don't Feel Like I'm Human, Not Meant For This World

So, to help answer the question, here are six signs that the life you are living is not meant for you. You Numb Your Feelings. Drinking too much, working excessively, shopping excessively, overeating, gambling, and yes, too much time on the internet, are all ways we can numb our feelings. And the reason we do is that we are trying to feel something other than what we are feeling in the moment. Because what we are feeling is discomfort, dissatisfaction, a feeling of unrest.

Sign up Forgot your password? M y name is Tatiana, I'm 15 years old and I recently discovered my friend and I have this bond over a topic that has been in my life since I was really little. I feel as if I am meant to do something different in this life, that I am meant to fulfill a destiny that normal humans do not even consider. The place that I am living in just does not feel like my actual home and I just feel as if there is something more for me to discover. It's weird to feel this way because I don't know many people who experience this, only my best friend. I always find myself observing others reactions. Sometimes when people are engaged in a conversation, instead of joining in, I merely look at how they react to each others' responses and I just find it fascinating.

That is how important you are! I mean really. I could be and do anything I wanted. And then I found road blocks, or maybe just the speed bumps of life. I kept reaching for more but encountered fear, doubt, challenging situations, and naysayers. Thankfully, I never stopped believing. I always knew it was possible to live into the vastness of my visions and become as big as I wanted.

I don't want to harm myself, but this life just feels meaningless. If I try to tell anyone how I feel they would just think I'm crazy. I've surrounded myself with friends.
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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. This is me. I joke that I'm missing the survival gene But it's true. For some reason people can't seem to handle hearing it - it freaks them out, you get labelled depressed or suicidal. I'm neither, however.



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