I ll never understand women

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i ll never understand women

Ill Never Understand Women! by Margery Ott Schuster

Finally, Margery Ott Schuster reveals to all men questions which have eluded them for centuries . . . . Why women dress the way they do . . . What they think of sex . . . How you men can ease your way out of being caught watching other women . . . How not to take your lady for granted . . . What women think of mens sports . . . How to listen to the women in your life . . . And much, much more. This book is truly . . . The Salvation for All Men! And not a moment too soon! (with a tip of her hat to the late Erma Bombeck.) (humor)
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Published 13.03.2019

Most Men Will Never Understand Female Nature

10 Reasons Why Men Will Never Understand Women

Take men and women, for instance. A man might like to think that he understands women—and to some extent, maybe he does. But his knowledge is finite. There is only so much that a human male is capable of comprehending about the complex inner logic of a woman. It happens to all of us. Seriously, all of us.

The ability to just sit and cry. Not about a movie or something that happened during the day, just garden-variety crying. When women tell you their problems and we try to offer solutions, but all they want to hear is sympathy. How they can talk so. Yes, you are fat. You know it.

I mean, I knew hers would be different, but where was it? Had I been tricked? I upheld my end of the bargain! I showed you mine! Where are you hiding yours?! And ladies, please feel free to explain any of these to me in the comments below! You take everything out of one bag and put it into another bag…and you do this all the time?

Men Don’t Ask Questions, We Just Do…

I'll never understand women...

Female Redditors recently explored the topic of what confuses the hell out of them when it comes to men and more specifically typical male traits. Welcome to the wonderful mind of men. Details are also scarce when the situation is non-critical. It is at dinner time, are we eating there? Are we meant to bring food? How many people are we feeding?

To women, all of these things are normal parts of everyday life. Watch a guy with a bra. Any and every guy is terrified of a period. Sense of humor. I do get the terrified part though. It turns more into a ego bashing than real humor.


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  1. I can't recall exactly how old I was when I learned that I'd probably spend the rest of my life trying to understand women. The lesson started with a simple.

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