Who believed in manifest destiny

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who believed in manifest destiny

Manifest Destiny Quotes (22 quotes)

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Manifest Destiny Explained in 5 Minutes: US History Review

Manifest Destiny , in U. The purchase of Alaska after the Civil War briefly revived the concept of Manifest Destiny, but it most evidently became a renewed force in U.

Manifest Destiny - The Philosophy That Created A Nation

Manifest Destiny summary: In the 19th century US, Manifest Destiny was a belief that was widely held that the destiny of American settlers was to expand and move across the continent to spread their traditions and their institutions, while at the same time enlightening more primitive nations. And the American settlers of the time considered Indians and Hispanics to be inferior and therefore deserving of cultivation. The settlers considered the United States to be the best possible way to organize a country so they felt the need to remake the world in the image of their own country. Many Americans believed that God blessed the growth of American nation and even demanded of them to actively work on it. Since they were sure of their cultural and racial superiority, they felt that their destiny was to spread their rule around and enlighten the nations that were not so lucky.

Manifest Destiny held that the United States was destined—by God, its advocates believed—to expand its dominion and spread democracy.
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Origin of the term

Manifest destiny was the 19th century U. Democrats used the term in the s to justify the war with Mexico. The concept was largely denounced by Whigs and fell into disuse after the midth century. Advocates of manifest destiny believed that expansion was not only wise, but that it was readily apparent manifest and could not be prevented destiny. The concept of U. In , John L.

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  1. Manifest destiny was a widely held belief in the 19th century United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America. There are three basic.

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