The little green witch book

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the little green witch book

The Little Green Witch by Barbara Barbieri McGrath

Wonderfully effective, funny cartoony drawings and details about unhousework - and a revenge that teaches the lazy friends a lesson but surely will wear off shortly (see the very last page). I dont even like Halloween, and Im doing a thorough sweep of my shelves because I know someone asking for childrens books, but its really hard to let this book go.... I would love to read more by the author.
Have since read other Little Red Hen twists from McGrath and enjoyed them well enough, but this is by far the most special. Such wonderful extra details, for example the ghost lazing around in the steam from the cauldron, and the different ways the housemates say Not I. And at one point Th Little Green Witch admits Why did I bother asking? And she hisses, growls, and groans, too, instead of just saying... which is wonderful vocabulary in a picture book.
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View Larger Image. Synopsis: The little green witch has a problem: her lazy monster friends just won't help her make a horrible pumpkin pie.
Barbara Barbieri McGrath


Last updated Wednesday, September 2, Date s Used: Sep. When she finds some pumpkin seeds and plants them, she discovers that her friends are stubbornly unhelpful at every stage. While the little green witch's question is always, "Who will help me…," the answers are divertingly varied: "Can't hear you," said the bat. As readers will expect, when the witch takes her pumpkin pie out of the oven, everyone is willing to help her eat it.

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Jul 21, ISBN years. Not ghost, nor bat, nor gremlin. Ebook —.

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The Little Green Witch , written by Barbara Barbieri McGrath and whimsically illustrated by Martha Alexander, tells a mostly familiar story of housemates or, in this case, hollow tree-mates , only one of whom actually carries her full weight. The little green witch of the title does all the "unhousework" - spreading soot, hanging cobwebs, dirtying laundry, pulling "unsightly flowers in the garden" - while her roomies don't do much of anything. The ghost wafts over a steaming cauldron, the bat snoozes in the broom closet, the gremlin naps in the damp under the sink. It's of no surprise, then, when the witch discovers some pumpkin seeds but gets no help from any of these lazybones in planting the seeds, watering the seeds, picking or cleaning or carving the ripe pumpkins. But naturally, when the witch has finished baking a nicely burnt pumpkin pie, everyone suddenly wants a piece of the action.

The little green witch has a problem: her lazy monster friends just won't help her make a horrible pumpkin pie. Not ghost, nor bat, nor gremlin. Barbara Barbieri McGrath was a nursery school teacher before she dedicated herself to writing children's books full time. Barbara lives in Natick, Massachussetts. Read more about Barbara.

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  1. The little green witch has a problem: her lazy monster friends just won't help her "A dead bang BEAST of a book that expertly combines Cavanagh's authority.

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