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cambridge latin course book 2 online

Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 by Cambridge School Classics Project

So far, so good. This book was a refreshing change from Wheelocks. While I dont think its a bad idea to supplement them with a more traditional textbook, I have to say I am enjoying this process much more than I thought I would. Its a very organic way to learn the language. The stories are cute, and just long enough that you donít feel overwhelmed by each section. I confess I am using this book unaided by any of the supplemental materials (and I also do not have anyone checking my work, which could be dangerous. But I have a good feeling about it). Iím just writing out the translations for each section and doing the practice segments on my own. I think having a basic understanding of how Romance languages work has helped me. I understand the people who are concerned by the lack of verb drills and grammar exercises and all that stuff that a more traditional method would have you doing, but Im just telling myself that this is more akin to the way a native speaker would learn a language. I feel like I turned a corner at the end of this first book Ė suddenly Iím translating the stories while only occasionally consulting the vocab list, and I think Iím really getting it. Now, I will admit that if someone asked me to translate English into Latin I might become very flummoxed. And I know that if you can translate English into Latin you are good to go and doing the reverse will be a piece of cake. All in good time, I say. After all, I am learning for the purpose of reading and translating ancient texts, so Latin to English is all Iím worrying about at this point. Perhaps Iíll report back after Iíve tried to tackle some Cicero. Hopefully it wonít be a disaster. Now if only the ancients could have limited their discourse to cooks and slave girls running around town cooking dinner, buying dresses, and dodging volcano ash, Iíd be all set.
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Tres Servi Stage 13

advenio, advenire, adveni: arrive. aedificium: building. aeger: aegrum: sick, ill. alter: alterum: the other, the second. canto, cantare, cantavi: sing. ceteri: the others.
Cambridge School Classics Project

Cambridge Latin Course Book 2

We run an inspiring trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum every other year so that all students have the opportunity to visit these renowned sites during their study of GCSE Latin. Each year a group of students continue their Latin studies at Sixth Form and beyond. Students tackle some of the harder realities of Roman rule, such as slavery and rebellion. Through the stories, students study more complex grammatical constructions and deepen their knowledge of Latin vocabulary. This part of the course transports students to the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Alexandria, a renowned centre of learning. Students explore a range of fascinating topics, such as ancient scientific advances and medicine and the influences of Egyptian culture.

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The course book is a Latin novella with a continuous storyline from Book 1 right through to Book 5. However, each book is, taken in sequence, effectively a standalone episode. Those who get hooked by the story ó and many do ó are motivated to read through to the very end. Extensive use is made of visual material as a support to the language learning and for its intrinsic interest. Each book also contains the grammar tables and explanations and a dictionary that suits the level of the book. The first half of Book 2 is set in Roman Britain not long after the Roman invasion. Book 3 returns to Roman Britain.

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