Most notorious women in history

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most notorious women in history

The Worlds Most Notorious Women: Secrets, Lies, Sex, Murders and Scandals.. by Various

This was better than the one about Notorious Men, thats for sure. Far fewer typos as well, so maybe a decent editor was finally found...?
But in all seriousness, this was an excellent book. If I had to make any complaint about it, its the idea that the writer/editor had that basically the only thing that made women notorious was the amount of sex they had. Nothing wrong with salacious gossip by any means, but the fact remains that I could probably count on one hand the number of women in this book whose sex lives WERENT mentioned. Perhaps thats just the way the editor chose to define the word notorious, but it was a little disappointing nonetheless.
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Meet America's Most Infamous Women Prisoners (Female Prison Documentary) - Real Stories

These women will be remembered for the worst reasons. They showed unimaginable cruelty. Some of the best-known examples have been.

15 of the Most Notorious Female Criminals in History

Female serial killers can be just as dangerous as male ones. Although female serial killers are thought to be less common than male serial killers , they certainly exist. From the "Little Old Lady Killer" to the "soap maker of Correggio," these are some of the most prolific and horrifying female serial killers throughout history. Editor's note: A warning some of these accounts feature graphic depictions of violence, sexual abuse, and murder. Aileen Wuornos, who was working as a sex worker, was convicted and executed for the murders of six different men between December to November

Men may rule the head count in history's most notorious crimes, but women have the monopoly when it comes to fascinating and colourful back stories. Or Patty Hearst, the kidnap victim who turned bank robber under the influence of a radical guerilla group. Then there's flamboyant drugs baron Sandra Avila Beltran, who convinced prison guards to smuggle in Botox injections to her when she was serving time and demanded make-up before posing for her mug shot. Meet seven of history's most notorious and calculating femme fatales - and one incredible lady who made it her job to hunt down dangerous convicts:. Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie and Clyde fame, went on a two-year rampage with her lover across the States during the Great Depression, in a revolutionary tale of fatal attraction and violence that would forever resonate in the public consciousness. Waitress Bonnie met Clyde Chestnut Barrow in and the chemistry was immediate.

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History is full of stories of violent gangsters, getting wealthy and committing heinous crimes, and we love to watch the rise and fall of these characters safely from our living rooms. Many times, the women in these stories are secondary players, beautiful and tragic, but never part of the action. - She and her husband, a Cherokee Indian named Sam Starr, were known for housing outlaws on their ranch in the Oklahoma Indian Territory and for preying on travelers and cowboys passing through.

We asked you to vote for the women you believe have had the biggest impact on world history, from a shortlist of figures selected by 10 experts. Find out who topped our poll below…. We asked experts in 10 different fields of human endeavour to nominate 10 women they believe had the biggest impact on world history. We then gave you, our readers the opportunity to vote for your favourite figures from that list. The results — presented here — may well provoke debate…. She founded the new science of radioactivity — even the word was invented by her — and her discoveries launched effective cures for cancer.

Most of the time, when we think about the Wild Wild West, we think of cowboys and bandits and corrupt sheriffs. Hollywood depicts the west as a crime-filled zone made up of bearded men fighting for their land, searching for gold, or protecting women. But some of the most badass people in the wild west were, in fact, women who rose up and made a name for themselves as some of the best shooters or meanest criminals. Others spent their days saving lives and helping others. When Annie was years-old, she won a shooting match against traveling-show marksman Frank E. Oakley became renowned for her sharpshooting skills and performed before royalty and heads of state. She encouraged the service of women in combat operation for the U.

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  1. Female pirates? Murderers? Gangsters? Conspirators? Yes. Throughout history women have had their share in all of it. Here is a list of seven notorious female.

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