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new amazon fire hd 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 with Alexa: Simple User Guide How To Use Your All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa to the Fullest by Alexa Montgomery

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Published 15.12.2018

Amazon Fire 7, Fire HD 8 & Fire HD 10 Tablets Complete Comparison (2019)

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018)

More features for the same money, the new Amazon Fire HD 8 remains a top budget buy. It helps, too, that Amazon continues to improve the tablets year on year. There are also a few tweaks to the Kids Edition of the tablet, notably a new interface and the addition of child-friendly audiobooks. Both are great value for money and nothing rivals them at this price for sheer usability. Special offers are ads that automatically show on the screen when you turn on the tablet before unlocking it. Image 2 of 8.

Amazon has been dropping huge discounts on refurbished versions of its own products all this month, but it has surprised us with another fantastic deal. It is reducing the prices of all its Fire tablets towards the end of September, helping you pick up an absolute bargain on a tablet or a kids' tablet. If you aren't already signed up as a Prime member, you can get a free day trial if you sign up with a unique email address.
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Amazon Fire tablet deals

The Amazon Fire HD 8 bets big on its Alexa skills and low price, and mostly succeeds in making a positive first impression. Making a great tablet is no easy task. Those who are invested in the Apple ecosystem will get a lot of mileage from the likes of the iPad Pro In the midst of this, Amazon has carved its own niche by manufacturing and selling bucketloads of lower-specification, bargain-priced slates to the masses. View Deal. With this in mind, is the value promised in this budget package worth the hype? Or were too many corners cut in the production?

Amazon's app store falls short of Google Play. UI is very oriented toward showing Amazon content. The Amazon Fire HD 8 is only a tiny upgrade to the model. With no significant competition, Amazon doesn't have to work so hard now. There's also microSD card support, but if you intend to use Netflix downloads a lot, I strongly suggest getting the 32GB model, as Netflix won't download files onto a microSD. Like the previous Fire HD 8, this one is a plastic 8. The 1,bypixel screen on the front is colorful, but very reflective, and it isn't the brightest.

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  1. Update: The used Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet has sold out for now, but will update should it come back in stock.

  2. Fire HD 8, a low cost tablet with up to 10 hours of battery life, vibrant 8" HD display, and hands-free with Alexa.

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