Songs about hating your parents

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songs about hating your parents

Parents And Children Quotes (382 quotes)

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Published 14.12.2018

?Nightcore?> To My Parents

The signs are all there: I find myself spending more and more money on candles, I'm starting to like the taste of black coffee, and I'm suddenly all about planning ahead. The worst part about becoming a grown up, though, is hearing the songs you loved as a child again and being horrified by their vulgarity. My parents would often complain about the music I listened to but I just figured they were overreacting.

9 Songs You Loved As A Kid, But Your Parents Absolutely Loathed

A lot of folks are estranged from their parents, for a myriad of reasons. And on the flipside, parenthood is hard, man. Perhaps nowhere else is the complex nature of child-vs-parent better documented than in punk. Songs vary from nuanced and touching missives from parents dismayed at the world their children have inherited to, more commonly, brief and snotty sonic bursts penned by rage-filled adolescents barking at destroying those most cloying of authority figures, mom and fukkin dad. Brutally dark. A harrowing account of a battered family.

It's Father's Day, and for a lot of people that means throwing back a few cold ones with the old man or giving a quick call home to say "I love you. Not everyone has a great or even functional relationship with both parents, and for many, Father's Day is a day not of love and appreciation but of loss, of longing, of reflection. Here are some songs to get those people through the day. You think it's the longing for "someone to love me the whole day through" that makes Neil Young's classic Harvest single "Old Man" a tearjerker but consider the titular old man. Neil's father, famed Canadian sports writer Scott Young, divorced his mother in the early 60s after falling for another woman while away on a job, eventually settling down on a farm in the late 60s as Neil's music career began to take off. Is Neil a lot like his dad because he'd just bought a farm too or because his job kept him from settling in one place for long? Many would do exactly that after he sold the song to the Monkees, and they turned it into a manic dance routine for their druggy cult classic film Head.

There are countless songs out there, with countless more being written and recorded seemingly every day. If you're looking for some good, quality tunes you and your beloved parents can jam out to together, you certainly aren't starved for options. That said, not all songs are created equal, and there are plenty you should steer clear of during family listening time. If you don't, you'll invite awkward silence at best. At worst, you'll invite angry conversations about your mindset, mental health, and what exactly you were trying to tell dear old Mom and Dad with the music you played them.

Metallica's 'Dyer's Eve' blasts over-sheltering parents

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