Change the way you think about food

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change the way you think about food

Body of Truth: Change Your Life by Changing the Way You Think about Weight and Health by Harriet Brown

Over the last 25 years, our longing for thinness has morphed into a relentless cultural obsession with weight and body image. You cant be a woman or girl (or, increasingly, a man or boy) in America today and not grapple with the size and shape of your body, your daughters body, other womens bodies. Even the most confident people have to find a way through a daily gauntlet of voices and images talking, admonishing, warning us about what size we should be, how much we should weigh, what we should eat and what we shouldnt. Obsessing about weight has become a ritual and a refrain, punctuating our every relationship, including the ones with ourselves. Its time to change the conversation around weight. Harriet Brown has explored the conundrums of weight and body image for more than a decade, as a science journalist, as a woman who has struggled with weight, as a mother, wife, and professor. In this book, she describes how biology, psychology, metabolism, media, and culture come together to shape our ongoing obsession with our bodies, and what we can learn from them to help us shift the way we think. Brown exposes some of the myths behind the rhetoric of obesity, gives historical and contemporary context for what it means to be fat, and offers readers ways to set aside the hysteria and think about weight and health in more nuanced and accurate ways.
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Not Another Nature Film

6 Things That Will Change the Way You Think About Food

Being happy with what I see in the mirror makes me feel good and quite frankly, I like feeling good. For most of my life a pitched battle has raged between those two things. Eventually that battle got so bad that, for roughly 20 of my 35 years on this earth, I spent every minute of Every Single Day obsessing about food. Most days it would be rare for me to go for more than an hour without putting food in my mouth. Was I even enjoying all this eating I was doing?

Huh what!? Was I hearing this right? The people creating these kinds of stories are the ones that give me hope in humanity.
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Below, she explains how to forge new pathways into the brain to change the way we think about food—and about our own ability to eat better. Like clockwork, every January we vow to subsist on salad and protein, to steer clear of sugar and alcohol, and to exercise like maniacs. Changes that really stick because, over time, the behaviors take less effort to execute. Eventually, it feels pretty good to keep them up. By the next holiday season, we tend to be right back where we started…sometimes a step or two behind.

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