Facts about the movie the day after tomorrow

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facts about the movie the day after tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom

Youve read this next line a million times: It had me from the first page. I can assure you that it may never be more true than in this book. Further, its more likely true not just form the first page, but from the first sentence. Then its a roller coaster ride across an amazing plot line that crosses generations and continents. This reader was left almost breathless in the end. Speaking of the end, well, ok, I wont speak of the end other than to say wow as it sneaks up on you and then leaves your jaw hanging. I enjoyed every single page of this one, and I cant recommend it too highly.
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The Day After Tomorrow - Deleted Scenes

The Movie Review: 'The Day After Tomorrow'

The result is a catastrophic storm and a dramatic change in the global climate. In the movies, abrupt climate change can happen practically overnight. But when scientists talk about abrupt climate change, they mean climate change that occurs over decades, rather than the usual centuries. While most of The Day After Tomorrow is safely in the realm of science fiction, there is some real science to back up concerns about potentially irreversible changes in our climate within a couple of decades that would affect our communities, health, infrastructure, and ecosystems. The National Research Council report Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises identifies potential abrupt changes in the ocean which could result in rising sea levels and influence ocean circulation , the atmosphere which could increase the frequency and intensity of extreme events , at high latitudes including loss of Arctic sea ice , and ecosystems species shifts, extinctions, and rapid state changes. The current pace of global warming, spurred by the human release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, brings an increased risk of more frequent and intense heat waves, higher sea levels, and more severe droughts, wildfires, and downpours.

In the movie Stargate , director Roland Emmerich presented us with an interstellar portal leading to a planet populated by ancient Egyptian look-alikes. Two years later, with Independence Day , he offered a genocidal alien invasion that was overcome by two guys spreading a computer virus.
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The Day After Tomorrow - Official® Trailer [HD]

The film depicts catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age. A major commercial success, the film became the sixth highest-grossing film of Filmed in Toronto and Montreal , it is the highest-grossing Hollywood film made in Canada adjusted for inflation. It received mixed reviews upon release, with critics highly praising the film's special effects but criticizing its writing and numerous scientific inaccuracies. Professor Terry Rapson, an oceanographer of the Hedland Centre in Scotland befriends Jack over his views of an inevitable climate shift. When several buoys in the Atlantic Ocean show a severe ocean temperature drop, Rapson concludes Jack's theories are correct.

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