Dream about end of the world

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dream about end of the world

Dreams Quotes (6653 quotes)

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Published 12.12.2018

Dream Fighters - The End of The World

7 Dreams About The World Ending, Meaning & Interpretation

We have all thought about the end of the world. We have imagined some kind of apocalyptic event that changed the current existence as we know it. Dreaming of an apocalypse is generally a symbol of a great transition or a life-altering event that could be currently happening in your life or will happen in the future. There are common dreams about the end of the world and their interpretations and they are as follows. When you have this dream, this could be an indication of the highly stressful state that you are currently in. It could also be a reflection of your feelings of vulnerability and helplessness about a situation that is directly affecting your life.

Dream interpreation end of world nuclear war, earthquakes.
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It is known that our dreams are usually a reflection of our everyday life. If we are thinking of something too much or if something unusual has happened to us recently, it is possible that it will appear in our dreams. But, sometimes our dreams may not be related to our waking life, but they can have many symbolic meanings. It is important not to ignore what you have dreamed of. Sometimes our dreams may bring us knowledge and messages that are important for our future.

I talked to some experts to find out if my recurring apocalyptic dreams were trying to tell me something. My mother was the one who told me about one of my earliest ones, a recurring nightmare about succumbing to the bubonic plague. Despite her reassurances that this was completely unrealistic due to the advent of modern medicine, the nightmares persisted. As I grew older, my dreams became more complex and strayed further and further away from what I saw and the stories I consumed, which fed the notion that they held the key to some secret area of my subconscious. For nearly all of recorded history, human beings have looked to their dreams for deeper meaning. In ancient Greece and Egypt, dreams were interpreted for their prophetic qualities. Temples even included entire dormitories for people to sleep in while they waited for a dream messages.

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