Doctor strange its not about you

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doctor strange its not about you

Doctor Strange, Vol. 1: Across The Universe by Mark Waid

The Eye of Agamotto is closed! Doctor Stephen Strange has lost his connection to the Earths arcane power, and he cant wait to recover while nightmares press against the seams of our reality. Tony Stark off ers a 21st-century solution: when astral travel fails, try astronautical travel. Enter Doctor Strange: Space-Explorer Supreme! New spells, allies and enemies--new and old--await Strange beyond the stars, along with corners and secrets of the Marvel Universe, seen here for the fi rst time! Space is endless, but time is short. After years of threats, Stephens bill for magic use is coming due--who will come to collect?!

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beautiful scene in doctor strange

Dr. Strange – It’s Not About you

Sign in. The Ancient One : Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all. Stephen Strange : Which is? The Ancient One : It's not about you. The Ancient One : We never lose our demons, Mordo. We only learn to live above them. Stephen Strange : I'm not ready.

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The writing, the acting, the action — an overall very well done movie. Possibly even my favorite movie of this year! Something that impacts more than just us. A quote from The Ancient One to Mordo. We catch snippets of Mordo describing his past self as being similar to Doctor Strange — disrespectful, selfish, and arrogant.

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A collection of quotes of the sorcerer, and former neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A collection of quotes of the sorcerer, and former neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange Contents [ show ]. Now, or in the future. All of this mysticism and crap!

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