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tell me something about patna

A Matter of Rats: A Short Biography of Patna by Amitava Kumar

It is not only the past that lies in ruins in Patna, it is also the present. But that is not the only truth about the city that Amitava Kumar explores in this vivid, entertaining account of his hometown. We accompany him through many Patnas, the myriad cities locked within the city—the shabby reality of the present-day capital of Bihar; Pataliputra, the storied city of emperors; the dreamlike embodiment of the city in the minds and hearts of those who have escaped contemporary Patnas confines. Full of fascinating observations and impressions, A Matter of Rats reveals a challenging and enduring city that exerts a lasting pull on all those who drift into its orbit.

Kumars ruminations on one of the worlds oldest cities, the capital of Indias poorest province, are also a meditation on how to write about place. His memory is partial. All he has going for him is his attentiveness. He carefully observes everything that surrounds him in Patna: rats and poets, artists and politicians, a girls picture in a historians study, and a sheet of paper on his mothers desk. The result is this unique book, as cutting as it is honest.
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Patna city full view - Bihar

6 things that you must know about Patna

Patna is the second-largest city in Eastern India after Kolkata. With over 2 million people, its urban agglomeration is the 18th largest in India. Patna also serves as the seat of Patna High Court. One of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world , [7] Patna was founded in BCE by the king of Magadha. Pataliputra was a seat of learning and fine arts. It was revived again in the 17th century by the British as a centre of international trade.

There is something about Patna. I expected a city half awake, full of people and everyone going for my throat. Well to be honest this was the image I had in mind when I was studying in nearby Orissa some 20 years back. This image was due for change for a long time. As luck would have it I never got a chance to visit Bihar in my 13 years of work in the social sector. So when opportunity to explore work in Bihar came I immediately jumped. This place has Character man.

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Patna is the capital of Bihar. Its name was Patliputra. It is a historical place. First President of India is also from Bihar. Patna is situated at the bank of the holy rever Ganga. I recently visited Patna. Though it can be a good city, but the government seems to be inefficient.

Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, and one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. Patna is located on the south bank of the Ganges River, called Ganga locally. Patna has a very long riverline, and it is surrounded on three sides by rivers—the Ganga, Sone, and Poonpun also spelt Punpun. Just to the north of Patna across the river Ganga flows the river Gandak making it a unique place having four largish rivers in its vicinity. It is the largest riverine city in the world.


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  1. Visiting and Travel in Patna, Bihar, India. Patna is most populated and educated city of Bihar.. It is on the south bank of holy river Ganga.

  2. Golghar, the undisputed architectural landmark of Patna, evokes marvel and a lot of curiosity.

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