Questions to ask about hansel and gretel

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questions to ask about hansel and gretel

The Hansel and Gretel quiz: 10 questions by Jen

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Published 07.12.2018

HANSEL AND GRETEL Story for Kids in English - STORIES FOR KIDS - Fairy Tales for Children

May 17, Questions and Answers. Remove Who wanted to get rid of Hansel and Gretel? A. Father What kind of bird did Hansel and Gretel see? A.

Question of the Week: Hansel and Gretel

Next to a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and his two children. The boy's name was Hansel and the girl's name was Gretel. He had but little to eat, and once, when a great famine came to the land, he could no longer provide even their daily bread. One evening as he was lying in bed worrying about his problems, he sighed and said to his wife, "What is to become of us? How can we feed our children when we have nothing for ourselves? They will not find their way back home, and we will be rid of them. How could I bring myself to abandon my own children alone in the woods?

Progress: 1 of 10 questions. In the beginning of the story, what does the woodcutter lay in bed worrying about? Progress: 2 of 10 questions. Whose idea is it to leave the children in the woods? Progress: 3 of 10 questions.

I'm not dead, though! That's good news, right? And I do continue to read all the reviews, and I do feel guilty every time someone asks if I'm going to finish a story. I will. Some day. It's not my intention to abandon any of them, but real life has kept me super busy lately.

If Hansel and Gretel is wrong, I don't want to be right. What do you get when you take the director of Dead Snow and give him free reign over Grimm's Fairy Tales and a liberal amount of fake blood? Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.
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Hansel and Gretel

Once in a time, nearby the large forest, a poor woodcutter lived with his wife and two children. The children were always neglected by their step-mother. There was the scarcity of food and famine in the region, so their father was unable to give food to the children. The step-mother was cruel and unkind to the children. That is why the stepmother made a plan to leave the children in the forest and for that reason she compelled her husband to leave the children in the forest. They were suffering from hunger. The boy Hansel was very clever and he had gone out at night, filled his pocket with pebbles so as to scatter in the way of their trip to the forests.

I presume that everyone knows the story of Hansel and Gretel, from the Brothers Grimm? And here is a few words about Jacob and Wilhelm themselves. Well, when I was a child the portrayal of the witch in this story used to really frighten me. This was a woman who ate people, after all! And then, a few months ago, when I bought a really beautiful illustrated edition of the Brothers Grimm and began to read them again as an adult, it occurred to me that the story of Little Red Riding Hood was not about the wrongness of disobeying parents or of venturing into strange places alone, or trusting strangers. It was actually about the vice of food-gluttony.

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  1. In the beginning of the story, what does the woodcutter lay in bed worrying about ?, Whose idea is it to leave the children in the woods?, Why were Hans.

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