Interesting facts about dirt bikes

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interesting facts about dirt bikes

Dirt Bikes (Torque Books: Cool Rides) by Jack David

Did you know that dirt bikes are made to go everywhere except the road? This book Dirt Bike written by Jack David is a non-fiction book.

Dirt Bikes the book is mainly about how dirt bikes can be used. In the text the author says things like In the late 1800s the cross-country was the first dirt bike. From the 1800s to 1960 the dirt bike was basically a motorcycle. 1960 was also the year dirt biking had became more know and popular. The main idea of the book was to give information on the history of dirt bikes.

My analysis is that the author Jack David wanted to persuade the reader to want a dirt bike. My reasoning for this is because of the text structure the book, cause and effect. In this case Jack uses cause and effect as if you having a dirt bike means you can do this. For example in the text it said If you have a dirt bike you can learn cool tricks to show and impress your parents and friends. This means that he is trying to show you how if you had a dirt bike your friends will think youre cool.

My opinion on this book was that it was okay. I feel this way because the book was displayed as fact on top of fact. For example in the text it said Cowboys use them to herd animals. and Two-stroke engines give more raw power. Things like this made the book kind of hard to enjoy because of all the facts.

If I had to rate this book i would give it a 2.5. because even though the book was very informational all the facts where making the book not as interesting. If I had to recommend this book to someone it would be one of my friends that I know likes to know facts about the sport of dirt bike riding. If your thinking about going dirt bike riding make sure not to make a mess in the dirt.

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Scientfic facts of a dirt bike

Dirt bikes are lightweight, off-road motorcycles built with a rugged frame, special tires and stiff suspension to navigate hilly, rough terrain in all types of weather. Dirt bikes are used in motocross racing events held in North America, Europe and Asia. Adverse conditions require these bikes to be specially constructed, with many high-performance components incorporated into street motorcycles, including cruisers and sports bikes. Dirt bikes are used with an emphasis on agility and lightweight maneuverability, and as a result they have an engine size less than cc. The bikes are powered either by a two-stroke or four-stoke engine with the smaller two-stroke mixing oil and gas simultaneously, while a four-stroke reuses the oil much like an automobile. Dirt bikes are not licensed because they are illegal on streets and highways, but some U. The father of the modern dirt bike is the British-made BSA, which was the leading dirt bike among American riders when motocross became popular in the United States in the late s and s.


Well if you find dirt bike riding is something that you might want to stick with or maybe just know where they have come from,I would like to share some of the fun facts of dirt bikes. Maybe I can take you down a little history lane of dirt bikes, cause lets face it these things are a blast and how could you not love riding, as we all come to find out if you stay around long enough, it is definitely a lifestyle.

Known for excellent agility, and things like long suspension and rugged look, these bikes are actually far more unique than you can even imagine. Here are some interesting facts:. Unlike other types, dirt bikes still use two-stroke engines, at least most of them. This technology might not be very sophisticated, but it perfectly fits off-road condition. They are simple, easy for maintenance and highly reliable. Most importantly, they are much lighter than four-stroke units, which is critical for the excellent agility.

This is a honda R. This is a 2 stroke Race Bike it is a fun and reliable Dirt bike. I Will be displaying Photos of all types of bikes and suggestions on which ones you should buy and how to maintain them. This bike is used for racing. This Bike has been in many Champion ships around the world. This is a really fun bike to ride. The engine produces a peak

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  1. Dirt bikes are a special kind of bike that pretty much puts all others to shame unless Here's a look at some interesting facts about dirt bikes.

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