Memoirs about fathers and daughters

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memoirs about fathers and daughters

The Reluctant Billionaire: How Dilip Shanghvi Became the Richest Self-made Indian by Soma Das

The book is an untold human story of an enterprise and its creator-Dilip Shanghvi, who became the richest self-made Indian.
In March 2015, Dilip Shanghvi toppled Mukesh Ambani to become the richest Indian. The historic event shook corporate India but made Shanghvi uncomfortable. He is one of the most interesting and least understood business minds. Till date, his journey has been shrouded in mystery because of his unwillingness to share it.
The book changes that by revealing the riveting story of the fiercely intense personality that lies beneath his calm demeanour. Based on interviews of over 150 friends, extended family members, rivals, former aides, business associates, it traces his transformation from a quiet, curious child working in his fathers small wholesale shop to an astute strategist who built Indias largest unrivalled pharma company-Sun Pharma-despite being untrained in science.
This book is an extraordinary story of an ordinary man, who chooses to stay anti-famous. He would rather have his face unrecognized, his story untold. But at a time, when a billion dreams are simmering in an aspiring India, this tale is for everyone who has once had a secret dream, an insanely bold one.
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Brothers step in for Father Daughter Dance

The concept of father memoirs is a fascinating one. Confronting 3: The Shadow Man: A Daughter's Search for Her Father, by Mary Gordon.
Soma Das

Andre Gerard's top 10 father memoirs

Each of these scenarios is fraught with its own quicksand pits of apprehension, second guessing, and potential regret. He knew I was home for long hours behind a closed door, hunched over a keyboard, trying to get the corners square. His response was as simple as it was complex, and it would evolve over the months leading up to publication. Then, in one of the great hairpin ironies of both his life and mine, he died three days after publication. All I can know is I tried to get it right, as I believe all of the writers listed here have done, by honoring my father with the truth of himself. As a result, this is, like all good father memoirs, a sparring match with an often inscrutable subject. To understand her father, Fadiman had to write about him.

With Father's Day around the corner, it's time to talk about that special relationship between fathers and daughters. While so much lip service is paid to fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, you can't deny the powerful bond shared between a dad and his daughter. Of course, one of the best ways to reflect on what your dad means to you is by picking up a book that explores this unique relationship. Of course, father-daughter relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes they can be pretty complicated, as some of these books definitely show. Everyone's relationship with their dad is completely unique, but maybe one of these books will resonate with the complexities of your relationship with your own dad. Yet, even when it seems like you and your dad couldn't be further apart, there's always that little something that ties you two together.

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The concept of father memoirs is a fascinating one.
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  1. The concept of father memoirs is a fascinating one. Confronting fathers .. Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter: Growing Up with a Gay Dad by.

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