Fun facts about stagecoach mary fields

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fun facts about stagecoach mary fields

"Stagecoach" Mary Fields: Montanas Legendary Pioneer by Julie McDonald

This is a very short story, reading time under 15 minutes, but one of my favorites! It is the wonderful story of Stagecoach Mary Fields, 1832-1914. Little is known of her during her 30 plus years as a slave in Tennessee, or her life shortly thereafter. Her arrival
and subsequent life in Cascade, Montana would make her a legend. Enjoy this great, inspiring and very humorous story of one amazing woman!
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Mary Fields (Stagecoach Mary)

Mary Fields

Login to BlackFacts. Click the appropriate button below and you will be redirected to your Social Media Website for confirmation and then back to Blackfacts. Enter the email address and password you used to join BlackFacts. When people think of pioneers of the wild west several images come to mind: the gritty gunslinger, the uncompromising lawman, or even the wagon train families. However, there is a much different image to be had for those that really know the wild west. Imagine a gritty, cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, fist fighting, six foot tall black woman. That is the picture of the famous Stagecoach Mary Fields.

Mary Fields , also known as Stagecoach Mary , born ? Fields was born into slavery. Little is known of her early life or what she did in the years immediately following the end of the Civil War and her emancipation. In the late s, she became a housekeeper at the Ursuline Convent in Toledo , Ohio , where she had a close relationship with Mother Amadeus. It is known that Fields was about 6 feet 1. When Mother Amadeus was sent to St. Fields worked for the mission, doing maintenance and repair work as well as gardening and laundry, and she was also responsible for ferrying in supplies from nearby towns to the mission.

Mary Fields, American pioneer who was the first African American woman to become a Mary Fields, also known as Stagecoach Mary, (born ?, Hickman county, Inspire your inbox – Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history.
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Mary Fields, better known as Stagecoach Mary. As the first African American woman to carry mail, she stood out on the trail—and became a Wild West legend. Born Mary Fields in around , Fields was born into slavery, and like many other enslaved people, her exact date of birth is not known. Even the place of her birth is questionable, though historians have pinpointed Hickman County, Tennessee as the most likely location. At the time, slaves were treated like pieces of a property; their numbers were recorded in record books, their names were not. Her story becomes clearer after the end of the Civil War, when she was freed.

A well-traveled trail rests peacefully between the rich forested hillsides around the town of Cascade, Montana, and snakes 12 miles west to St. The road was the hub of activity in Back and forth along the route, Mary Fields, a former slave, drove a stagecoach carrying mail for people in the central area of the state. Fields was the first black postal carrier in the U. Born around , Fields lived on a plantation in Hickman County, Tennessee, with her parents until the close of the Civil War made her a free woman.

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