I care a lot about you

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i care a lot about you

Care Quotes (725 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

Faith No More - We Care A Lot

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to care about someone

I'm so confused. Romantically, what is the difference between loving a person and caring a lot about a person? How can a person care so much and like a girl so much but not love her at the same time? They've been together for over two years already. Very long and deep responses greatly appreciated. I find that caring and loving someone goes hand in hand but usually goes in a sibling-like context.

The phrases "care about" and "care for" each have several meanings The best way to learn them is with some examples. You usually use this when you're talking about food, movies, or something bad that a person did. To "care for" someone means that you love them. To "care about" a topic means that you're very interested in it. It's important to you.

Sign up or log in to share. It is exactly as it sounds. He really cares for you. Why not just be honest with him and say "I love you"? There shouldn't be a strategy to this. He's not ready to say I love you yet.. I have been dating my boyfriend for two years, and whenever I open up emotionally or tell him how I feel about him, he replies with " I care a lot about you" or sometimes with " I am crazy about you".

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I care about you a lot to me can mean many different things, the only sure way of knowing what he means by it would be to ask him. It could mean he cares about you a lot as a friend, or as more than that. It could mean he loves you but he's afraid to admit it, or that he doesn't love you and doesn't know how to say it. Share Share this post on Digg Del. My new bf of three weeks said "i love you" i just got out of a long term relationship, the new bf hasn't seen my other sides, and is just going on our couple weeks together.

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