Interesting facts about saint lucy

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interesting facts about saint lucy

St. Lucys Home for Girls Raised by Wolves Quotes by Karen Russell(page 2 of 3)

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Biography of Saint Lucy, Bringer of Light

Saint Lucy, also known as Lucia of Syracuse A. She is one of the most highly venerated saints in Christianity and one of only eight women mentioned by name in the Roman Catholic Mass. Accounts of her life differ, but most religious scholars agree that she was martyred after a disappointed suitor reported her as a Christian to Roman authorities. Lucy was born in to wealthy Roman parents in the area of Syracuse. Her father seems to have been a Roman nobleman, while her mother, Eutychia, had Greek origins. When Lucy was five years old, her father died, leaving Lucy and Eutychia to fend for themselves.

Some people often call it Santa Lucia. She passed away in Dicletianic persecution. Saint Lucy lived in till She was known as the young Christian Martyr. She was respected during the middle Ages.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. The grisly story of Saint Lucy, a virgin martyr from Syracuse, whose death at the hands of the Romans resulted in her becoming the patron saint of the blind. Saint Lucy's Day or the Feast of St. Lucy is marked by Catholics and Orthodox Christians and also celebrated by members of the Lutheran Church. Lucy is said to have been the daughter of a rich nobleman who died when she was young.

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Lucy's history has been lost and all we really know for certain is that this brave woman who lived in Syracuse lost her life during the persecution of Christians in the early fourth century. - Saint Lucy was born into a rich noble Roman family. At a very young age she lost her father who was a Christian.

Lucy , Italian Santa Lucia , died , Syracuse, Sicily; feast day December 13 , virgin and martyr who was one of the earliest Christian saints to achieve popularity, having a widespread following before the 5th century. She is the patron saint of the city of Syracuse Sicily and of virgins. Because of various traditions associating her name with light, she came to be thought of as the patron of sight and was depicted by medieval artists carrying a dish containing her eyes. Lucy was a young Christian martyr who died in the early 4th century in Italy. She quickly gained a widespread following and is the patron saint of virgins.

She is one of eight women along with the Blessed Virgin Mary who are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Lucia of Syracuse was honored in the Middle Ages and remained a well-known saint in early modern England. The oldest record of her story comes from the fifth-century Acts of the Martyrs. The oldest archaeological evidence comes from the Greek inscriptions from the catacombs of St. John in Syracuse.

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