How to think deeply about life

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how to think deeply about life

Quote by Aaron Swartz: I think deeply about things and want others to ...

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Published 07.12.2018

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Critical Skill 1: Strategic Deep Thinking

They prefer to slow down, take the time to mull things over, and consider their actions, the world, and their place in it. Introverted Invariably, many deep thinkers are reserved , quiet and introverted. Blurt out an answer? Be the center of attention at a party? Not on your life. Observant Deep thinkers take in more than they put out, meaning, they say less, and observe more. They fully engage with their interests, exhaustively poring over a topic before forming an opinion, or passing judgement.

We all think, but not all of us think deeply, which is thinking beyond what your mind defaults to. This is a problem. Can you guess why? Deep thinking is how we increase our number of valuable and useful thoughts. Your quantity of valuable thoughts has a direct effect on your quantity of valuable actions. And great lives are made by taking valuable action.

The Power of Deep Thinking

Ah the deep thinker. Many deep thinkers are reserved, quiet and introverted. Extroverts, on the other hand, seek energy from those around them and need interaction to feel the most alive. Deep thinkers are almost always introverted because they require that quiet time to focus on their thoughts and give their ideas space and freedom to blossom. They take facts and experiences from the past and link them with new facts and experiences.

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