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A Cold Day in Paradise (Alex McKnight, #1) by Steve Hamilton

Other than the bullet lodged near his heart, former Detroit cop Alex McKnight thought he had put the nightmare of his partnerís death and his own near-fatal injury behind him. After all, the man convicted of the crimes has been locked away for years. But in the small town of Paradise, Michigan, where McKnight has traded his badge for a cabin in the woods, a murderer with the same unmistakable trademarks appears to be back. McKnight canít understand who else would know the intimate details of the old murders. And it seems like itíll be a frozen day in Hell before McKnight can unravel truth from deception in a town thatís anything but Paradise.
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Protein Phase Separation: A New Phase in Cell Biology

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The tenor is a type of male singing voice and is the highest male voice within the modal register. The low extreme for tenors is roughly A2 two octaves below middle C. At the highest extreme, some tenors can sing up to F one octave above middle C F 5. The term tenor was developed in relation to classical and operatic voices, where the classification is based not merely on the singer's vocal range but also on the tessitura and timbre of the voice. For classical and operatic singers, their voice type determines the roles they will sing and is a primary method of categorization.

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Cellular compartments and organelles organize biological matter. Most well-known organelles are separated by a membrane boundary from their surrounding milieu. There are also many so-called membraneless organelles and recent studies suggest that these organelles, which are supramolecular assemblies of proteins and RNA molecules, form via protein phase separation. Recent discoveries have shed light on the molecular properties, formation, regulation, and function of membraneless organelles. A combination of techniques from cell biology, biophysics, physical chemistry, structural biology, and bioinformatics are starting to help establish the molecular principles of an emerging field, thus paving the way for exciting discoveries, including novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of age-related disorders. Eukaryotic cells are composed of numerous compartments or organelles. These organelles carry out specific functions and provide spatiotemporal control over cellular materials, metabolic processes, and signaling pathways.

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