A fine time clock shop

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a fine time clock shop

Just Killing Time (Clock Shop Mystery, #1) by Julianne Holmes

First in a new cozy series that ticks with excitement and mystery!

Ruth Clagan may be an expert clockmaker, but she’s always had a tendency to lose track of time. And when trying to solve a murder, every minute counts…

Ruth’s beloved grandfather instilled in her a love of timepieces. Unfortunately after her grandmother died and he remarried, Ruth and Grandpa Thom became estranged. She’s wanted to reconnect after her recent divorce, but sadly they’ve run out of time. Her grandfather has been found dead after a break-in at his shop—and the police believe he was murdered.

Now Ruth has been named the heir to Grandpa Thom’s clock shop, the Cog & Sprocket, in the small Berkshire town of Orchard, Massachusetts. As soon as she moves into the small apartment above the shop and begins tackling the heaps of unfinished work, Ruth finds herself trying to stay on the good side of Grandpa’s bossy gray cat, Bezel, while avoiding the step-grandmother she never wanted. But as old secrets and grudges start to surface, Ruth will have to kick into high gear to solve the killer case before someone else winds up dead…
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How to Clean Antique Clocks

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Julianne Holmes

A Fine Time Clock Shop

Welcome to the Antique Clock Gallery! With our clock and watch repair services, time will always be running in your home and on your wrist as well. From wall clocks to grandfather clocks, your home will stay on schedule once again with our clock repair services. We are commonly known for our exceptional clock repairs and first-rate customer services for almost 60 years now! Get your free estimates today or contact us for any questions.

Very fine watch, very accurate: movement cleaned and overhauled; this required balance staff repair. The winding crown was missing so we replaced with a vintage one; missing screws fitted and adapted. A high quality small French Repeating Carriage Clock with silvered platform escapement. The movement and platform was completely stripped down during the overhaul — some parts! The escapement pallet jewels needed some depth adjustment and the balance spring needed recoiling. The whole platform was then re-silvered.

Fine watches and clocks are sophisticated and precise pieces of equipment that from time to time need some attention to keep them working according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Some of the benefits of having us looking after your timepiece and clocks are:. E-Mail: info justwatchme. Powered by Shopify. Menu Cart. Our repair shop is fully equipped with the state of the art tools required by the major watch and clock manufacturers. We use genuine parts and manufacturer suggested repair techniques and testing methods in all of our repairs.

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Appointments are required call How we overhaul your clock. We do the following steps to restore your clock to excellent operating condition. The movement is taken apart and cleaned, examined for wear and damage, and checked for correct operation. The necessary repair work is carried out including repairing the pinions, polishing the pivots, bushing worn pivot holes, checking and repairing the mainspring ratchets, testing and correcting wheel meshing, and checking the mainsprings.



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