Facts about starfish for kindergarten

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facts about starfish for kindergarten

Star of the Sea: A Day in the Life of a Starfish by Janet Halfmann

With the ocean her home, an ochre sea star hunts for her morning meal. She folds over her rays and grips the rocky shore with sticky feet as she feasts on shellfish. When she takes too long, the tide flows back without her and Sea Star becomes easy prey. But she is built to survive and eventually makes her way back to the sea, although with one less ray than before. This inspiring story informs young children about the important role of a small but fascinating sea creature.
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The BEST starfish video ever

Starfish facts!

Then check out our fascinating starfish facts . First things first despite their common and very misleading! Some kinds of starfish are even found on sandy seabeds 9, metres deep! Most starfish sport spiny skin and five arms surrounding a central disk-shape body although some can grow as many as 50 arms. Their arms are covered with pincer-like organs and suckers that allow the animal to slowly creep along the ocean floor.

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Share animal photographs or incredible animal facts. It is fun presenting facts on the starfish as children are always interested in knowing new things. The starfish is a kind of organism that can keep them interested and occupied for a long time, as there are at least 2, types of it known to man. Marine scientists have named it as Protoreaster Nodosus for their use. A starfish has no scales, fins, or gills like other fish have to acquire oxygen from the water, and it can't actually swim. For this reason, even though it has 'fish' in its name, marine biology does not consider it as a fish. Details about the Starfish.

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