I am an immigrant poem

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i am an immigrant poem

When I Walk Through That Door, I Am: An Immigrant Mothers Quest by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Poet-activist Jimmy Baca immerses the reader in an epic narrative poem, imagining the experience of motherhood in the context of immigration, family separation, and ICE raids on the Southern border.

Jimmy Santiago Baca makes the immigration crisis painfully personal in this new interpretation of the Epic Poem. While it may feel safest to take a step back when the government calls to build that wall, Baca steps forward into the lives of those who suffer profoundly at the hands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. In language we can all understand, Baca sends us on a journey with Sophia, an El Salvadorian mother searching for a better life. She takes step after painful step up a mountain of obstacles, carrying with her the burden of all that has come before: past her husbands murder, through her searing grief, to the wrenching separation from her young son at the border, then rape and abuse at the hands of American officials; always onward, exhaustively. I keep walking/carrying you in my thoughts, she wills her boy, so far away, to know she is coming.

When I Walk Through That Door, I Am is a call for our attention, for our compassion, for our energy in pursuit of democracy and of justice. Jimmy Santiago Baca shines this light on Americas downtrodden, and asks us to walk through their pain with them. They dont see/democracys body/on the barbwire, he writes. Through this book we do.
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Personally, I have family from Europe in vibrant Spain, family from South America in the enriching Peru with its cuisine known all over the world.
Jimmy Santiago Baca

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Hello Classics Words Blog F. Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Tommy Randell Oct Poet Refugee. Should I be the way I was made Speaking in metaphor and rhyme Or must I give in to the page Ruled by its adherence to lines? May I speak out in an attempt To urge us to be reconciled? We Poets offer no dissent To justify being so defiled Always to be read with a sneer Not given the due we are owed That whenever a Poet is near Truth will be camouflaged with code.

And so many writers have used immigration poems to talk about their experiences. These words are more than just right. We carry diplomas: medicine, engineer, nurse, education, math, poetry, even if they mean nothing to the other shore. We are Americans now, we live in the tundra Of the logical, a sea of cities, a wood of cars. I kneel down beside her, recalling her pleas the day she flung open the gates of her house for children fleeing from tanks. As my soul journeys and wrinkles with homeland?

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I can't imagine dying in this land. I don't understand The baby words in English in my school book At games, or dancing, no one takes my hand I miss the smells of curry, frangipani, The steaming chai at Delhi's teeming stalls The cooking fires. - The United States of America is a country of indigenous peoples and immigrants.

Login or register to post a comment. If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline. Text HOME to Skip to main content. Living in America, we are allowed to see faces of different cultures, different races, and neighbors that do not look like you. We are challenged to live in a world of diversity.

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  1. And so many writers have used immigration poems to talk about their . i am haunted by the chilling and inhumane realities faced by children.

  2. I am an immigrant but you do not see me as an immigrant. I am an English- speaking, white woman so you do not see me as an immigrant. I am.

  3. I am the Immigrant. by Anonymous. Since the dawn of creation my restless feet have beaten new paths across the earth. My uneasy bark has tossed on all seas.

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