La india cultura y sociedad

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la india cultura y sociedad

La sociedad de castas: Religion y politica en la India by Agustin Paniker

India is known worldwide for having developed a unique system of social stratification: the caste society. There isn’t another aspect about Southern Asia that evokes such strong opinions and emotions. After many years of study, Agustin Paniker submerges us in this book as if we as readers live in a society based on class, detailing the dark origins, religion, rituals and ideology, political and economic power, major social transformations over centuries, and the growing importance of ethnicity factoring into class. He also addresses the most bittersweet issues of the topic: the bond of class patriarchy and the practice of the untouchables. With the rigor that characterizes his writings, Paniker offers us a fascinating picture of this society, while remaining anchored in a prodigious respect for the resilient power of hierarchy. This book is, in short, a thoughtful and enlightening text and a must-read for those who want to dive into the society, religion, politics, or history of India.
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He was in New Delhi, about miles away, scrounging for day jobs, any work he could find to support his family. It was always hard manual labor, the only work available for men like Rajender from the lower castes. He had been anxiously awaiting news of the birth, excitedly making arrangements to come home for a celebration. But then he abruptly canceled those plans. It was their fifth daughter. What was there to celebrate? Anshika had been conceived to be a boy.

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The world population is ageing, and that is an undeniable fact. Throughout the world, people live longer thanks to advances in health, nutrition, and technology. This population change brings incredible possibilities, but also a new set of challenges. The interesting thing, besides all the challenges that await us, is to see how each culture takes care of its elders and know if we are prepared to face it. The writer and scholar Jared Diamond analyzes the great differences in the way societies around the world see and treat their senior citizens. Some groups revere and respect their older members, while others see them as senile and incompetent, which makes them the target of jokes. In some societies, children take care of their parents at home, in others, children admit their parents in residences where others take care of them.

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