I like feet i don t know why

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i like feet i don t know why

Why Dont Penguins Feet Freeze?: And 114 Other Questions by Mick OHare

Why Dont Penguins Feet Freeze? is the latest compilation of readers answers to the questions in the Last Word column of New Scientist, the worlds best-selling science weekly. Following the phenomenal success of Does Anything Eat Wasps? - the Christmas 2005 surprise bestseller - this new collection includes recent answers never before published in book form, and also old favourites from the columns early days.

Yet again, many seemingly simple questions turn out to have complex answers. And some that seem difficult have a very simple explanation. New Scientists Last Word is regularly voted the magazines most popular section as it celebrates all questions - the trivial, idiosyncratic, baffling and strange. This new selection of the best is popular science at its most entertaining and enlightening.
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Published 18.12.2018

Two Feet - I Feel Like I'm Drowning

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Mick O'Hare

I am a foot fetish , i don't know why i like women feet , and i m looking for the reason !?

Feet get a bad rep. Many people describe them as 'ugly', 'smelly' and even 'disgusting'. But why is there such a taboo around this part of our body? And are most people's feet really as bad as they perceive? We chatted to top podiatrist Dina Gohil about this testy subject. Dina, whose clinic is in London, is curious about why some people think feet should be hidden away and wants to get us thinking about whether this part of our body is really as ugly as people seem to perceive it to be. They're always hidden away in socks and shoes.

The purpose is not to teach specific content, but to teach the process of science asking questions and discovering answers. This activity encourages young people to try to figure things out for themselves rather than just read an answer on the internet or in a book. As a leader, try not to express your opinion, but let the youth engage in arguments based on evidence. Note: Before beginning, talk to the participants about safety. They should have fun while learning, but trying to rush with unsure footing could lead to a fall or a twisted ankle. Ask: Are animal feet different from human feet? How are they different?

Living in Chicago has its perks, seeing as its too cold for chicks to wear sandals most of the year. Plus Uggs are sexy. How can you not like those sweaty, dirty things? I think feet and hands look entirely out of a place on a person, but a person would look even worse without them. I dont have feelings either way.

How to stop hating your feet

To most people, the fear of feet phobia might sound weird or bizarre., We do a lot of things with our feet. We squeeze them into heels, we buff them and decorate them with polish, and we burden them with our weight as we make our way through life.



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  1. I like feet. I do not know why. I really don't know why I think its something my ex used to do with her feet from Instagram tagged as Meme.

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