Summer is about to end

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summer is about to end

The House of Cards Complete Trilogy: House of Cards, To Play the King, The Final Cut by Michael Dobbs

Being a huge fan of the Netflix show, I figured it was high time to give the source material an honest look. Bottom line: stick with the show.

I say that as objectively as possible - yes, I was first introduced to this storyline by the show, so I may have a predilection for it, but th books get worse and worse.

The first book is quite solid and is, clearly, the basis of the show. Conspiracy, greed, deceit, murder, all set within the politics of the highest office - this is good stuff. Naturally, the show hews pretty closely to this first book, so there are few surprises. But Im glad I took the time to read the original.

Books two and three are just a slog - To Play the King has its moments, as it pits PM Urquhart against the church and makes for an interesting story, and is clearly The Empire Strikes Back of the series, insofar as our hero survives but is left a bit the worse for wear.

The final book, The Final Cut, is a disappointing train wreck. A piece of Francis past is dredged up from nowhere and serves as the macguffin for then entire story, a story whose ending you can see coming from page 50.

Honestly, if youre considering reading this series, just read the first one - as a standalone its a great read. But then go back to the Netflix series.
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Published 07.12.2018

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Michael Dobbs

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

We all know the feeling that we start to get those one or two weeks before school is about to start back. It's a mix of excitement and dread, and you're not really sure which one is winning. But then there are the constant reminders that the end of sleeping in and relaxing by the beach or working and interning is not far away. You get asked multiple times a day when you are going back to school. Followed up by, "When do classes start? Your room turns into a pile of boxes, school supplies, to-do lists and clothes. But on top of packing and organizing, you still haven't completed the to-do list you made back in May.


Unfortunately, summer is not forever. Every single year the entire population lives through this season, knowing that when it is over it is time to go back to school and to prepare for cooler weather. As a college student, I really treasure my summers.

Some of the happiest days in our life take place during summer. This is why a lot of people tend to get sad, as the beautiful carefree days of summer will come to an end. Summer ends and autumn is about to come. He who would have it otherwise will have high tide always and a full moon each night. Sponsored Links. Summer is definitely one of the best seasons.

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  1. With the end of August in sight, our attention turns away from beaches. These quotes will lift your spirits as we relish the last days of summer.

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