Top ten harry potter songs

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top ten harry potter songs

Peeves Quotes (8 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

Harry Potter the Best Sad Dramatic Emotional music

Ranking: The Harry Potter Movies From Best To Worst

There is a fine line between a good book adaptation and a poor one. The smallest thing can tip the scales: changing the ending, removing a character, inventing a character, or changing the character roles which alter their onscreen personality looking at your Ron Weasley, you deserved better. Booklovers crave and desire to see their favourite books come to the big screen, but at the same time there is a deep trepidation that there will be a great injustice and disservice to the characters and the overall story. I could write page after page of bad book to film adaptations and while that is tempting, it is negative and a bit mean so instead I want to focus on the few I have found which were truly wonderful movies that stay true to the original story. If a book becomes a movie and I see a runtime of 2. Not always the case, there will always be exceptions, but it gives me hope.

Between and , four composers brought us nearly ten hours of music to underscore the Harry Potter films. A quick note get it? We hear a soft choral version of the theme as the film opens, and probably the best rendition during Dragon Flight. The melody swells and takes full orchestral flight as the captive Gringotts dragon too breaks free of its restraints and flies to freedom with Harry, Ron and Hermione as passengers. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban brought with it a horde of new and orchestrally diverse music, once again by famed composer John Williams.

Just a couple years earlier, the Boy Who Lived arrived on American shores with a slightly altered first installment title and the many wonders of J. Potter phenomenon was already well underway, but the idea of being able to bring Hogwarts and its inhabitants to life set the excitement at a fever pitch.
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The music in the Harry Potter films made up a large part of the series and helped influence our reactions while we watched them. The opening tinkling will forever take me back to the joy of watching a Harry Potter movie for the first time. Gone are the happy melodies of earlier films; the fearful and tragic start encapsulates the tone of the final two movies perfectly. This beautifully rhythmic piece plays during the preparation for the battle, and the steady beat shows that. The rhythmic beat is fitting to the typical marching sound associated with battle. The beat also matches our pounding heartbeat, which captures the fear presented in the movie wonderfully. Once more, Desplat is toying with our emotions.

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  1. It's been over a year since the film series came to a conclusion, so now is a great time to look back over the extensive catalogue of top notch.

  2. We attempt to whittle (whistle?) down 10 hours of Harry Potter music and rank the top 5 tracks.

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