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friends by chance family by choice

Related by Chance, Family by Choice: Transforming Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law Relationships by Deb DeArmond

The caricatures are everywhere, the jokes are inexhaustible, and the stereotypes fill the screens. From Marie Barone (Everyone Loves Raymond) to Viola Fields (Monster-in-Law) to Internet sites and social media pages like and a Facebook page for ihatemymotherinlaw there is no shortage of examples of the caustic relationships that can develop between the two women in a mans life.

Deb DeArmond and her three daughters-in-law have conducted their own exhaustive research into the status of the women-in-law relationship. Their research, which incorporated online surveys, interviews, and discussions, included asking about the faith factor in the relationships they studied. Of the respondents, nearly 90 percent claimed they were Christians, and 79 percent said their faith was foundational and guided their actions and decisions. As discouraging as it may be, the numbers of those they surveyed who reported that their women-in-law relationships were bad were nearly identical to those in a survey conducted by a popular secular website that recorded no statistics on faith.

Beyond the statistics and their analysis, Deb brings to this book more than thirty years working with adults to improve communications and deal constructively with conflict. Aside from her research and her professional expertise, perhaps the most important asset Deb brings to this work is her own relationship with her three daughters-in-law that is so obviously and unusually positive that she--and they--are often asked to explain the secret of the relationships they share.

This practical and unapologetically scriptural book covers issues of personal perceptions, strained communication, the roles of sons and fathers in the relationships success, how to begin these relationships on the right foot, and the necessity of trust and love. Debs one motivating objective is to help women-in-law move from women who are simply related to strong and confident members of a truly spiritual family.
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Your Choice Our Chance 1990: A Friend Indeed

Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice

Hemophilia Federation of America is a national nonprofit organization that assists, educates and advocates for the bleeding disorders community. A carrier of the hemophilia gene is a female who has a genetic mutation on one of her X chromosomes. Ashley and Sarah are sisters from Michigan who were diagnosed at a young age as carriers of the hemophilia gene. Even though Ashley and Sarah have a close relationship, they have a different story when it comes to how hemophilia has affected their lives. When were you diagnosed as being a carrier of hemophilia?

Choosing the expat life is a huge step taken towards transforming oneself into a global citizen. The imminent move from one country to another heralds a new experience, a foreign culture and the possibility of meeting new people. When an opportunity came our way, my husband Amit and I took a leap of faith and shifted base to the UK 5 years ago. We were looking at setting up a new life, exploring a new country and meeting amazing people along the way, once we had settled in. Two days after we moved into our quaint neighbourhood, we heard a knock on the door.

"Sisters by Chance,Friends by choice" is a somewhat self explanatory phrase. I gave a patient water, but his family screamed in terror.
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Fifteen years ago WHAT?! Just, wow! I was a freshman at UOP. One day, while working in a tiny closet in the office at the Benerd School of Education, I noticed that the girl sitting across the table from me also an employee had a ballet shoe keychain attached to her purple backpack. Little did we know that striking up a conversation about our common love of dance would lead to decades of FRIENDship.

As Christmas approaches I have been thinking about the importance of family and of the unique ways we create family. It is not just marriage or children that grows a family — making new friends adds new members to a family. While interning at Emmanuel I have had the opportunity to experience moments of love that have expanded my own definition of family. One of the artists at Common Art, whom I will call Jay, often tells me about how important his family is to him. His children and grandchildren are spread across the country making it hard to even to talk to them on a regular basis. He continually expresses how much he misses his family.

Siblings are the greatest friends you will ever have. I wholeheartedly believe that. I am the baby of my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I also have an older brother who is an incredible collegiate basketball player and a complete crack up. My brother and I are only a year and a month apart, whereas my sister is a bit older than us. Those of us who are the youngest know what it's like to want nothing more than to be just like our older siblings. When I was little, I wanted to be just like my sister.

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