Nightmare on elm street location

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nightmare on elm street location

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Nightmare on elm street 4 filming location

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I didnt know that was a real school is it closed down I see a fence in front of it.. Yeah it's a real school and it's been used in a number of productions. Although, it was only used as the exterior for A Nightmare on Elm Street. John Burroughs Middle School at S. As for the fence, they must've just been doing some work on the day I visited. No idea how you're so thorough with your work here! Amazing job Paul.

Any real Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy Krueger fan knows the iconic house featured throughout the franchise as the Thompson residence home. The house in the movie was given the fake address of Elm Street in Springwood a fictional town in Ohio. Most fans do not realize, however, that the house is a real home and someone actually lives in it now. The house was originally constructed in and the real address is The owner herself explains that many tour buses and tourists go by her house on the regular, snapping photos along the way.

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Movie Locations and More will still exist, but visit Set-Jetter. Excellent photos! Some fun bit of trivia, that crypt was also used in the horror film Mausoleum. How much did that door sell for? How do you know it's legit? The blue color looks quite a bit lighter than in the pics -- did it fade?

It makes an official appearance in Freddy vs. The House is first introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street film , as the house of Nancy Thompson 's family; her friends also lived in the area too. Following the deaths of most of Nancy's friends, her mother, Marge Thompson , placed bars around the house to ensure that Nancy remained "safe". That subject became the talk of the neighborhood, no doubt. Following the events of the first movie, the Thompsons left Elm Street. Following the Thompsons' departure from Elm Street, the house was occupied by the Walsh Family; the son of the family, Jesse Walsh , experienced paranormal events relating to Freddy Kruger within the house.

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