Prayer of a black boy poem summary

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prayer of a black boy poem summary

Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field

This really isnt a story, this is an illustrated prayer. The art work is beautiful and I have to say, I give it credit for being very inclusive. At the end of the prayer, the child prays for all the children of the world and every race is on the page. For something in the 40s, that is pretty great.

I feel like its a good prayer teaching the child about being thankful for all you have. Its about gratitude and thankfulness. I am hyper sensitive to an agenda being pushed with religion and I didnt feel like they did. It does end in Jesus name. I thought it was good. Its like Oprah has said, we need to have a practice of gratitudes and this little book is a good start for that.

The kids thought it was ok. It is not exciting.
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Danez Smith - "Alternate Heaven for Black Boys" (Rustbelt 2016)

Prayer of a Black Boy In the poem The prayer of a Black Boy the writer wrote the poem in the point of view of a young black boy which is the speaker of the poem.
Rachel Field

Comparison of "Prayer of a Black boy" and "Telephone Conversation".

How would you have us, as we are? Or sinking 'neath the load we bear? Our eyes fixed forward on a star? Or gazing empty at despair? Rising or falling? Men or things? With dragging pace or footsteps fleet?

This is because it deals with the issues of racism and slavery. The black race suffers in order to teach the white world wisdom, but the black child deplores his own color since it seems to prevent the world realizing his purity of soul. In an age when black people were treated worse than animals he makes a black woman and child the guardians of selfless giving which is the essence of true Christianity. While this poem emphasizes the philosophy of Christ, there is yet ambivalence. While in the English countryside, every child has the birthright of divine love, the little black boy has to strive to be worthy of acceptance. The black child has to cast off his colored skin to find friendship from the white child.

Prayer of a Black Boy, by Gut Tirolien, is a piece of poetry written in the style of a prayer to express a black boy's need for freedom from the control of the white.
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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In the poem The prayer of a Black Boy the writer wrote the poem in the point of view of a young black boy which is the speaker of the poem. Don't use plagiarized sources. The poet wrote this poem like a narrative story and he makes the poem very descriptive and he also makes his point across by using alliteration which will create a specific sounds or images stand out, he also uses metaphor to make images of what the slaves went throw. The writer shows us how desperate the and humiliated and tired the black people was. They are not physically tired but mentally exhausted.

Lord, I am so tired. Tired I entered this world. Far have I wondered since the cock crew, And the road to school is steep. Lord,I do not want to go into their school, Please help me that I need not to go again. I want to follow father into the cool gorges. When the night is hovering over magic forests Where spirit play before the dawn. Barefoot, I want to tread the red hot paths, That boil in Midday sun, And then lay down to sleep beneath a Mango tree.

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