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side by side translation bible

Holy Bible: NIV & KJV Parallel Bible by Anonymous

The two most popular translations in one volume
• KJV and NIV side by side for quick verse-for-verse comparison
• Abridged NIV concordance
• Abridged KJV concordance

The NIV/KJV Parallel Bible lets you benefit from the rich nuances of meaning offered by different translations. It sets the two most popular translations side-by-side: the readability and accuracy of the New International Version and the time-honored tradition of the King James Version. Verses from the two versions are aligned on double-column pages for ease of study. Each translation offers insight on different facets of meaning in the text, giving you the benefit of the work of different groups of scholars to help you understand and interpret the Bible for yourself. A valuable resource for gaining insight into scriptural truths, the NIV/KJV Parallel Bible helps you compare translations at a glance.

When you want to study the Bible in depth, comparing different Bible translations helps you discover the different shades of meaning in the text. The translation committees for each Bible version chose different ways of translating the original Scripture texts into English. By comparing them, you can get a more complete understanding of the intended meaning of the original writers. Abridged concordances for each translation help you find key words and verses.

The balance of word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation of the NIV communicates the meaning more clearly. To modern readers, while the word-for-word translation of the KJV lets you see an English rendering of early Bible manuscripts.

From the easy-to-understand modern language of the New International Version to the poetic majesty of the King James Version, the NIV/KJV Parallel Bible has two distinctive translations in clear, easy-to-read print.

NIV/KJB Parallel Bible includes:
• New International Version – A beautiful, accurate, and clear translation, the New International Version (NIV) is today’s most popular and most trusted English Bible translation. Since its release in 1973, the NIV has sold over 160 million copies. The goal of the NIV translation team was to produce a contemporary translation whose accuracy, clarity, and literary quality would make it ideal for public and private reading, teaching, preaching, memorizing, and liturgical use. Today the NIV is accepted by over 60 denominations—more than any other translation—and is supported by a library of reference resources unmatched by any other translation.

• King James Version – The classic King James Version (KJV), beloved by generations of Bible readers, was first published in England in 1611. Commissioned by King James I, it was the achievement of nearly fifty translators, who over four years revised the Bishop’s Bible in the light of available Greek and Hebrew documents as well as other contemporary European translations. The result was the first Authorized Version, known as to Americans as the King James Version. Subsequent editions corrected early misprints, modernized some spellings, and standardized features such as punctuation and italicization. The most famous revisions include the Cambridge edition of 1762, the Oxford edition of 1769, and Dr. F.H.A. Scrivener’s Cambridge Paragraph Bible of 1873. Zondervan uses the Scrivener edition for its KJV Bibles.

The NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION is today’s best-supported translation. For even greater understanding of your NIV Bible, look for NIV concordances, NIV dictionaries, and NIV commentaries.

One Message. Two Ways of Translating It.

The NIV/KJV Parallel Bible does more than combine the readability and accuracy of the best-selling New International Version (NIV) with the poetic beauty and dignity of the King James Version (KJV). It lets you access the strengths of the two most trusted translation approaches.

Today’s bestselling translation, the NIV, offers a unique combination of scholarly accuracy and contemporary readability. Its balance of the word-for-word and thought-for-thought approach to translation allows today’s reader to better understand and apply the intended meaning of the original Bible writers, accurately communicating what they meant. The word-for-word method of the King James Versions (KJV) lets you see an English rendering of early Bible manuscripts. The classic version has been beloved by Christians through the centuries for its majesty, poetic language, and timeless truths.

The NIV/KJV Parallel Bible sets these two translations side-by-side for you to compare and contrast, making it easy to gain inspiration from the distinctive nuances of each translation. It’s an unbeatable format for Bible study. NIV and KJV concordances are included to help you find passages you’re looking for as you study key themes of Scripture. The features of this Bible comprise as excellent resource for students of God’s Word.

Features include:
Each page contains a complete Scripture portion from these versions:
• New International Version
• King James Version
• Abridged NIV concordance
• Abridged KJV concordance
• Double-column format
• Readable 8-point type
• Ribbon marker
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The Parallel Bible KJV & NLV Review

Create Your Own Parallel Bibles

One of the advantages of having access to more than one Bible translation is that you can read them side-by-side. Comparing and contrasting how different Bible translators render the same Scriptures can help you grasp the nuances of a Bible passage, or can shed light on a difficult-to-undestand verse. At new. While reading any passage for example, Genesis 1 , simply click on Add Parallel , located above the gold bar at the top of the passage:. Select a version from the list and Bible Gateway will automatically display your Bible passage in the new version you chose. If you want to compare a third, fourth or fifth version, click Add Parallel again. To remove a Bible from the parallel view, click on the X in the top right.

Parallel Bibles are a useful way to compare two different translations. In print, you can often find ones that contain both an English translation and another language. Another type may contain a more literal translation next to a dynamic translation or paraphrase. Is there any plan to support the ability to link together an OT-only resource with a NT-only resource to produce what is essentially a composite bible based on two different testament resources? No plans to do this right now, but it is a great suggestion.

Did you know that you can view multiple translations of a Bible verse or passage side-by-side on Bible Gateway? There are two ways to do so:. To bring up a parallel translation while reading a passage for example, Genesis 1 , click on Add Parallel , located above the gold bar at the top-right of the passage:. A new column will appear with a drop-down menu where you can select the Bible you want to add:. Select a version from the list. Bible Gateway will automatically display the passage in that translation alongside the version you were reading.


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