Growing up in a broken home

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growing up in a broken home

Growing Up in a Broken Home by Terry Sublett

This book is all about the trials and tribulations one man goes through and gets to a point where I question how much more one person can go through. There is a saying, God does not give us more than we can handle. This gets pushed to the limit on how much is enough. It is only by the grace of God that I got through it. This book only contains half of my life, and I went through more in half my life than most people do in all of their life. I learned as time went on that it is faith that got me through, and you will learn that faith will get you through. Even when you think you cant go through any more, God will you get you through anything. You will read what God got me through.
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I Grew Up In A Broken Home, But It Shaped Me And I’m Blessed For It

O n a sunny November day nearly four years ago, as I flipped through a Pottery Barn catalog on our deck, my husband of 14 years revealed that he had been having an affair for the previous 10 months. His revelation was a punch in my gut, and as my mind simultaneously raced for comprehension and was struck numb, he dropped his next bombshell: his mistress was six months pregnant. In that moment, I was faced with my worst fear. Like many children of divorce, I grew up with one burning desire: to have a good marriage and a happy home. My parents divorced when I was three, and the custody battle that ensued traumatized my sisters and me. My mother was awarded custody and promptly moved us from Florida to New Hampshire, meaning my relationship with my father was regulated to Sunday night phone calls, summer vacations and every other Christmas. Life with my mother was chaotic, unstable and often depressing.

When I was six, my parents got a divorce. At the time, six-year- old me, found this earth shattering. Even now, thinking of the memory of my mum closing the door as she left home for good does make me want to cry, and sometimes it will produce tears. To a child this has a huge detrimental effect on their lives. I did my homework and all the work in school and then even performed above what was expected of me.

We welcome new members. Call, text, or email, and we will sign you up. In my experience of coming from a broken home, I have never suffered from developmental or behavioral problems. However, this may be due to my parents living in the same house after the divorce, the age I was when my parents got divorced, and also the relationship I had with both of my parents, as well as the relationship they had with each other. Parents have an impact on their children, married or not.

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But what does it really mean? For some, growing up in a broken home meant physical or sexual abuse was present. For others, it might mean something else completely. No matter what your definition or experience was growing up in a broken home, your feelings are valid, and they matter. Below you can read what they said. No matter what your experience growing up was, it is important to remember you are never alone and there is help available.

With a passion for writing, Ashley currently shares her poetry with the world. Growing up in a broken home can be a difficult experience to go through in life, especially if you are forced to at a young age. Those that have grown up in a broken home understand the difficulties and everyday challenges that you have faced in the past. Although toxic environments aren't easy to be around, there are also important lessons to be learned from it. Here I will share with you the ten lessons that I have learned personally from growing up in a broken home:. When you come from a broken home, you can understand the vulnerability in which you saw weakness in your family that you never wanted to see in the first place. From the constant fighting, screaming, and door slamming, you've witnessed broken hearts from a young age.

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