Accessibility at Hope Lutheran

There is full access for both standard and motorized wheelchairs from the parking lot into the Entrance Hallway, and up a ramp into the Sanctuary where there are seating areas in the front and mid-way to the rear. Assistance will be provided to open the parking lot doors into the Entrance Hallway.

Standard and motorized wheelchairs also have full access to our Youth Room and Lounge for fellowship and Christian Education at the conclusion of Worship at 10:45 am., and for those attending meetings in these rooms.

Restroom Access is limited to standard wheelchairs, only in the restroom just outside entry to the Youth Room. The Bride’s Lounge and restroom at the rear of the Sanctuary is not wheelchair accessible.

Church Office Access is not possible due to a series of stairs.

Fellowship Hall Access downstairs is possible, but requires entrance from the street (Hereford Rd.) at the rear of the church.

Hearing Assistance is available through earphones directly linked to our sound system.

Questions? Call the church office at 216-371-5252.
Or e-mail Pastor King: