Various organizations and entities use our building throughout the week.  Among them are the following:

Alcoholics Anonymous::

Hope has been a site for meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous for many years.  We currently host the “celebrate Sobriety” and “Friday Friendship” groups.  For more information visit or call a.800.835.1934 from 9:00a.v. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Heights Community Congress:

Established in 1972, Heights Community Congress (HCC) is the oldest fair housing organization in our region.  For 41 years, HCC has dedicated its efforts to preventing housing discrimination in Cleveland Heights and its surrounding communities.   A landmark case in 1985, HCC v. Hilltop Realty challenged overt housing discrimination and added flesh to the bones of the 1968 Fair Housing Act.  Over the years, the organization continued to monitor treatment for everyone seeking to purchase homes.  HCC vigorously brought law suits against real estate companies that egregiously discriminated against Black home buyers.  These efforts produced community involvement and positive results.    For those people who believe discrimination is a thing of the past, the consistent monitoring program that HCC conducts annually show otherwise.  Subtle forms of discrimination are seen only when HCC does its paired sales audits.  As attested in the AI study for Cleveland Heights in 2011(the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice) HCC’s work is a positive outcome for the money received from Community Development Block Grant funding.    Today, HCC is examining how to best maximize its historical commitment to fair housing, recognizing new realities of limited resources as well as varied methods of looking for homes via the Internet and changing times.  The spirit of the past along with the strong dedication of involved citizens of Cleveland Heights will keep HCC as strong advocates of social justice as well as monitors of fair housing and facilitators of building community .




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